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EC Incubator - Must read - Answers to all Important questions

Why do we need Incubators?

We need it for discipline. Working from home and engaging yourself in “Aaloo, Tamatar and Piyaz” or kids playing right and left won’t let you engage with focus. We need focus, we need discipline. I have given it a lot of thought for many months before coming up with this idea. After understanding our people and the way they work. Lack of moral and ethical values, lack of professionalism, lack of discipline and after a lot of disappointment going through the PM army. I decided to put an iron leash on everyone who is going to provide services within this Eco system because I am engaging a lot of high value investors and clients and who will provide services to them? EC is not providing any consultancy or services. Instead I wanted a powerful Eco system where an army of young workers will provide top notch world class services. This is not going to happen with current attitude and working style of this young generation. Idea of Incubator was already cooking in my brain for few months. But I started maturing it with EC Plaza when I saw this building in Zurich, Switzerland. This building gave me the inspiration of 16 EC Plaza project in Pakistan with a dream to mobilize thousands of young workers working in these buildings with an iron leash in my hand. Yes, I am bad. I am authoritarian and I want Iron leash in my hand. I admit. Whatever I do, end of the day, you are the one benefiting. All I want is a powerful eco system engaging thousands of people in it to create a Billion dollar activity and these Incubators are JUST a fine step to achieve it.

Why should I work from Incubator and not home? Can I make money by working from Incubator?

At home you have enough distractions and negative energy. Family don’t support your online business ideas, wife asking to bring aalo tamatar and pyaz or pick up children from school, guests coming, nangay bachay roaming around etc. Due to these distractions and negative energy you unable to succeed. So the best solution is to get into Incubator, get surrounded by like minded people. Everyone inside Incubator is there to make money online. When you sit among your kind of people, you get a lot of positive energy and you talk to them on daily basis, you will make new friends there, you now have a new social life and everyone around you talk same language, same frequency, it’s all about Amazon, all about online earning, online business and it will become so much more easier for you to succeed and make money eventually. Those sitting inside incubator have relevant tags showing up on your ecportal profile and will have more work coming to you. The tag has the power to attract investments, business and clients to you through ecportal.

Why is this not free?

It will be free when Government of Pakistan gives me the money. Until then, it is a cost for us and I must design it in a way that it becomes self-sustainable. No eco system in the world can run on charity or 100% capitalism/Greed. A powerful eco system always run on charity + greed elements in it. Money making should be an integral part of it in order to keep everyone motivated. Employees, infrastructure, buildings, applications, everything cost money. Nothing is free. My stomach is full. I am already on 4th stage of entrepreneur’s life but my employees are not. So we need to design a system with flow of money in it to make it successful and yet achieve a social cause attached to it.

Is the published fee, the final fee?

No. The published fee is not the final fee. We don’t know the real fee yet. We working on estimates for now. So please do not assume whatever fee you see is the actual fee. It may change. I have no idea of the actual cost myself. But let’s hope for it to remain what you see now.

Can I get discount?

Yes there is discount of 8% for those who pay 6 months rental in advance and discount of 15% for those who pay 12 months in advance. The default is 3 months upfront you have to pay.

What about EC’s 30 days money back guarantee?

If you have not consumed more than 7 days in the incubator, you can get full refund. If you consumed 7-15 days you can get 50% refund, if you have consumed above 15 days then there is no refund.

Can I book part time or book incubator for night routine?

Yes, you can. 9AM to 3PM and 3PM to 9PM are 2 part time shifts available for day. The full day is 9AM to 8PM usually. For night shift the timings are 9PM to 8AM morning (Not for female members). Female members are only allowed day based shifts.

Early movers going to have biggest advantage?

Early movers always have the biggest advantage. Whoever locks the deal now will always have advantage over late movers who will realize later that people sitting in incubator always have higher chance of getting jobs and higher chance of getting EC tag or Gold tag in future. Higher chance does not guarantee the tag. It just shows your commitment to the system and enables you to have higher chance automatically. These incubators will be filled up soon. There won’t be a seat left eventually. People will start bribing to get seats from current incubates. This is my forecast. Please have faith on my ability to see the future. I don’t say you will make money overnight. I will never claim. Many will fail miserably too. All I say, your chances are much more higher when you work from a well organized incubation system and the space is going to finish very quick.

Do we need to sit in Incubators forever?

No. I expect at least 1 year for full time incubators and 2 years for Part-time in order to have higher chance of having EC Gold tag or whatever tags we work on in future.

I am too poor.

No one is poor. Only our way of thinking is poor. sunnyali.com/ghareeb

Go and raise money. Find someone to fund your Incubator cost. Find someone to fund your education cost for VA/PM/BC training. Go and find someone. Go and convince overseas Pakistanis who are more than willing to fund you because if they see the potential in you, they want to lock you down. I have taught them already how to chain someone up. How to win loyalty. How to find commando workforce in Pakistan. How to hunt cheaper talent in Pakistan and how to lock them up. They are more than happy to fund your education, pay for your learning, pay for your incubator, pay for you in the hope that you will deliver one day and make them rich. They are buying hopes right now. God knows if I am telling you the right thing or not. God knows if I am teaching them the right thing or not. I personally believe this is right what I am doing. Selling hopes and telling them to hunt for Ghoras and these Ghoras, Unicorns and Gorillas will make them rich. God knows how many will succeed and how many will fail and loose their money investing in wrong talent. At the same time, I am teaching them to have big kidney and get ready to loose money too. So they have listened and they are willing to do based on the picture I am painting for Ghoras, Gorillas, Elephants, Dinosaurs, Choozas, Turtles, Rabbits and Anacondas in this EC kingdom. God knows what is the end result but I believe in my leadership and my ability in delivering results. I am hopeful. Everyone is hopeful. They are hopeful and you should be hopeful too.

But you preached us all about Location independence and now you want to lock us down in the Plaza?

Yes, I preached. However the young ones are not ready. Yes, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t think I should give them dreams of location independence anymore. They don’t deserve it. The whole system is corrupt from top to bottom in this country. Everyone want to make money overnight without putting effort and hard work. I am going to fix it now. The location independence is for high achievers and mature ones to have wings to fly. For the young ones I want to cut their wings and lock them down in the EC Plaza to work hard for 14 hours a day. I want them to feel the pain of making money. I know I am harsh.

I am a female member and it is hard for me to come to Incubator

Don’t come then. I wish you all the best.

Work hard. Be a VA/PM/FFL (FBA Freelancing)/BC student. Work hard. Prove yourself.  Try to win the EC tag without coming to incubator then. Joining Incubator does not guarantee the EC tag either. It’s just that it increases your chances. Because EC team is watching them like a hawk. We monitor their progress. We see who is a real flying horse and we give them tag. Those who don’t deserve will never get it. Or come Part time if you can’t join full time. It’s all up to you wherever you see yourself able to fit or unable to fit. All I want from you is “Do your best” “Try your best” “Work hard to get it”. It won’t come easy.

Do you think Incubator is a good idea for FBA asset BC students?

No. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you. Purpose of FBA Asset creation is to achieve true unlocking. Location independence, Time independence, Money independence. Incubator is good for VA/PM/FFL (FBA freelancing) those who going to sell on upwork or EC Portal.  Incubator is too important for all service providers because all I want is Iron leash in my hand so I know what is happening, who is doing it, who is hopeless and who is the next Unicorn. In order to achieve this goal, I want every service provider sitting in Incubator and once we keep observing everyone closely and identify the flying horses, we will start giving them the Tags. The tags will guarantee them good jobs, expensive projects automatically in return.

Shall I join Incubator if I am a BC student or VA/PM student?

If you are young? And going to sell services in future? VA/PM/FFL (FBA freelancing) and you want to make serious money out of it? Then yes, go for incubator. If you are 40+ and already have money in pocket and want to achieve true unlocking (Location, Time & Money independence) and can afford to invest and focus on FBA asset. Don’t waste your time in incubation.

I am doing 9-5 job already. Can I join or shall I join the incubator?

If you are under 30 and earning less than Rs 50k. Your potential of making money in VA/PM/FFL is higher than a typical job in Pakistan. So you may want to start part time incubation and later upgrade to full time. Yes, this is viable. However if you are earning more than 50k and you have dependent wife/children then quitting job would not be a wise thing. So starting incubator in part time would be a good idea to see how you go.


I am in early stage of exploring this whole thing. I am about to join your next batch of PM/VA. Shall I join Incubator?

No. Keep exploring.

I am a BC student and seriously considering selling services on Upwork and EC Portal. Shall I join Incubator?

Yes. Compulsory.

Do you encourage female members to join Incubator?

100%. I want female members to jump into VA/PM/FFL because I see them making money a lot more easily than men in these areas especially VA/PM. Women are easy to content with lesser and reasonable income or smaller boti. Men are always in higher pressure of income so they want bigger boti. So I clearly see a viable way for female members to make money. I don’t see female members fit for FBA asset and I see men more suitable for FBA assets considering Pakistani living standard and income pressure etc.

I am a housewife and barely paid the VA/PM fee. I cannot afford.

Stop complaining. Otherwise you will always get one response from me - sunnyali.com/ghareeb

You are not ghareeb. Just remember this. It is your brain being trained telling you that you are ghareeb. Go and find members who will fund you A to Z. They will fund your VA/PM/BC fee + Incubator fee in return of loyalty. They need you more than you need them. Trust me. They are dying to have flying ghoras right now. They are dying to have commando workforce because I have trained their brains that if they want to make money, they need super commandos around them who will make them rich. A VA can never make someone rich. A horse cannot make someone rich. Only Unicorns or Gorillas can make them rich. So they are willing to invest on you. They are willing to risk their money on you. Go and take money from them. This is called a super powerful Eco system. Is it not why we built it? Is money a problem for you?