Shall we move to another country for Citizenship? Or for improvement of Economic conditions? Or for improvement of Lifestyle?

If we have Citizenship of America, Australia, Canada, England, Germany, or any other country already, then shall we continue living there, or is it time to change our Lifestyle and focus more on wealth creation by moving into a cheaper country?
Is it easy to create massive wealth while living in America from an average intellect and average man's perspective?
Is it a wise move to move to a middle eastern country? Shall we give our youth, our life, our Jawani to a middle eastern country just because at the age of 25 we got a good job offer from Dubai? Shall we take up this offer? Or we rather explore other options and prioritize the Citizenship of any country over a good job opportunity?
What is the right age to put effort into 2nd passport? 20-35? What if I am 35+ already? And what if I am 40+ already?
I have crossed the age already; what would be a wise move for me then? Shall I focus on wealth creation and buy a passport of any country then?
These were some random thoughts in my mind today, and I wanted to share with you based on my own life experience because I came from Sultanabad and spent my whole life in extreme poverty in a "Katchi basti" bringing water cans for my house. Many of you must have some thoughts and questions and my opinion about them.
Sunny Ali