Amazon FBA wholesale


3 Months



Mode of Training

Hands On Training


By Extreme Commerce

Trainers Available

  • Tools (Keepa, Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Scan Unlimited)
  • VBC Amazon FBA Wholesale (70%)

  • Product Hunting Strategies
  • Effective communication strategies with Brands/Distributors
  • Price List Analysis
  • Prep – Centers Analysis
  • Shipment Rates Analysis
  • Live Sourcing
  • Live Amazon Seller Central Management
  • Repricing Software 
  • Inventory Management
  • Develop Your Own FBA Wholesale Business
  • FBA Wholesale Proposals

Module 1: Basic Introduction

This module aims to give the basic concepts, terminologies, business requirements, and training guidelines of all upcoming modules


-      What is the FBA wholesale business?

-      FBA wholesale business setup requirements and terms used in FBA wholesale

-      Product hunting techniques FBA wholesale tools training

Module 2: Product Hunting

This module aims to provide the training for effective product hunting by using advanced strategies and live application of FBA wholesale business steps on the shortlisted products.


-      Products search using reverse sourcing golden products criteria identification

-      Product search through keepa, helium 10 and JS products gating / ungating

-      Profitable product list finalization

Module 3: Brand / Distributor Communication

This module aims to provide hands-on experience by doing live communication with brands /distributors on shortlisted products of module 2, negotiating with them to get the brand’s account, desired rates, and also helps attendees to learn the techniques of filling the wholesale application forms, reseller permit and how to represent it in a more professional way while fulfilling all the standard requirements necessary to get the wholesale accounts.


-      Techniques to find brand contact details contact details retrieving

-      Finalization of contact list professional email drafting professional call script

-      Live email communication with brands live skype calls with brands

-      Live filling wholesale application forms email response and brand negotiation payment methods

-      Wholesale account opening brand price list request

Module 4: Price List Aanalysis

The aim of this module is to learn the techniques of approved brand price list analysis and selecting profitable products for onward sourcing.


-      Live brand price list analysis / cleaning techniques: what is scan unlimited, amz analyzer?

-      Live price list analysis using price scanning tools profitable products selection

Module 5: Prep - Centers & Shipment Rates

This module will train attendees to have effective communication with the prep -centers for taking services of labeling, bundling, storage & shipment on shortlisted products. Attendees will directly monitor the communication with prep - centers and learn how to get the desired rates to maintain desired product margin on shortlisted products


-      What are prep - centers and their services? Prep- center selection

-      Prep - center services quotation analysis inventory shipment rates analysis

-      Brand / distributor warehouse to amazon warehouse rates brand / distributor warehouse to prep center, warehouse rates prep center, warehouse to amazon, warehouse rates

Module 6: Live Sourcing

This module will train attendees to develop a product margin list based on the actual rates taken in all the previous stages and attendees will monitor the final purchase order of profitable products with brands/distributors


-      Finalized profitable products margin analysis

-      Minimum order quantity finalization

-      Final order to brand / distributor for profitable products

Module 7: Live Inventory Shipment 

In this module, attendees will get training on shortlisted product shipment, shipping terminologies, get insights of amazon seller central related to shipment plan creation and adding a product.


-      Live inventory shipment to prep - center for prep services live amazon seller central - adding products

-      Sku, item labels, box labels creation techniques live amazon shipment plan creation

-      Live shipment of inventory to amazon warehouse

Module 8: Amazon Seller Central Management

This module will provide training on how to run the seller central and manage the buy box to get the sales, analyzing estimated vs actual results on the shortlisted products of previous modules.


-      Live buy box management buy box winning strategies

-      Live daily sales analysis of profitable products expected sales vs actual sales analysis business reports analysis

Module 9: Repricing Software

This module will provide deep insight on how to manage the price of all active listings by defining min-max pricing constraints keeping the competitive edge intact.


-      What is repricing software? What is bqool?

-      Pricing rules

-      Min - max pricing identification

Module 10: Inventory Management

This module builds skills of inventory planning, replenishment, and cycle inventory and safety stock inventory management to avoid oos conditions.


-      Inventory types

-      Inventory management sheet analysis define reordering time

-      How to avoid out-of-stock conditions?

Module 11: Learning Outcomes

This module will review all the concepts learned in previous modules, gauge the attendees performance, gives guidelines to develop own business, and start earning by offering amazon FBA wholesale services


-      Develop your own FBA wholesale business how to provide VA services for FBA wholesale

-      How to prepare FBA wholesale proposals attendees’ skill analysis

-      Training feedback