eBay Dropshipping


3 Months



Mode of Training

Hands On Training


By Extreme Commerce

Trainers Available

  • Dedicated Tools may be needed (Keepa, AutoDS, Bluecare Express)
  • Ebay ID (US/UK)
  • Paypal
  • VVIV
  • VBC Amazon VA (50%)

  • Product Research
  • Creation on Products data bank
  • Sourcing from Amazon
  • Bulk sourcing from China
  • Listing creation
  • Spoofing Amazon Tracking
  • Use of tools

Introduction to E-Commerce Markets

  • Concept of E-Commerce
  • Difference E-commerce Platforms
  • Business Cycle of E-Commerce
  • Benefits of E-Commerce Market vs Traditional Market

Introduction to eBay

  • Introduction
  • eBay Business Models
  • eBay Seller Account Walk-Through
  • eBay User ID handling

eBay Product Research Tools

  • Introduction to Product Research Tools
  • Category Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Product Research Techniques

Sourcing of Products

  • Finding Sellers from Different Platforms for Dropshipping
  • Finding Suppliers for Stocks Model
  • Guidelines on Sending Products to Buyers

eBay Product Listing

  • All about eBay Listing
  • Understanding eBay Listings
  • Pre-Requisites of an eBay Listing
  • How to create a Product Listing on eBay?
  • Understanding Title, Bullet Points and product descriptions
  • Retouching Images for eBay listing
  • How to Create Promoted Product Listing offers
  • How to add variations
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Order Management and Customer Support

  • Dropshipping Order Management
  • Shipment Services for Delivery
  • Customer Support

eBay Suspension Cases and Defects Handling

  • eBay Suspension Removal
  • Defects Removal
  • Safe Dropshipping Guidelines

Bookkeeping and Record Handling

  • How to make record of your Dropshipping and Stock Products on eBay

Business Ethics for eBay Business

  • Business Ethics