Diploma Track

Shopify Dropshipping


  • Available both for online and onsite

  • Product launch under EC’s supervision

  • Generate Maximum capital

  • Create lucrative sources of income

  • Limited participants, more interaction

  • More value and vast options to start your own business

  • Expert trainers with first-hand experience and top notch expertise

  • Development of skill specific expertise with a more focused approach

# Shopify Dropshipping

Program Overview:
Set up & design your store by understanding and implementing the processes involved in running a business on Shopify. You will learn about essential aspects of running the business from live examples and case studies and adopt a realistic approach towards scaling past seven figures.

Learning Objectives
This program will help students build their own Shopify Dropshipping Store. Equipped with the right marketing strategies and the art of Dropshipping, Students will be able to develop their profitable Dropshipping stores and help clients launch and scale their businesses on Shopify. Furthermore, Virtual Assistants can sell their services online as this course will provide them with multiple subset skills, valued very high on the freelancing market.

  • Setup & design your store with EC's support
  • Get assisted by experts to hunt private suppliers
  • Branded Shopify Dropshipping
  • The Mentor Support (Face to Face & Online)

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Store Creation

Premium Themes and Apps

Payment Gateway & Countries Restrictions

Product Hunting

Finding Private Suppliers

Facebook Advertising

Influencer Marketing Through Instagram

Exploring Different Marketing Platforms

Freelancing Pathway for Shopify Drop shipping

Freelancing Pathway from Facebook Groups

Automations and CRM Software’s

How to - Branded Shopify Drop shipping


3 Months

Incubatee $40/month (PKR 6,400/month)
No Incubator $70/month (PKR 11,200/month)