3 Months


By Extreme commerce

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$70 (Diploma Track Only)

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Monthly Fee

BC Student (Active Subscribers) NON-BC Student
$40/Month (online) $70/Month (online)
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Upfront Fee

BC Student (Active Subscribers) NON-BC Student
$120 (online) $210 (online)
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Benefits Included

  • Learn to run a successful business over Daraz, be it PL, wholesale, or drop shipping.
  • Tactics to manage the store with automation
  • Product selection and profitability.
  • Understanding business ethics

Program Overview

This program will be enabling the students to start a business on Daraz. A proper walkthrough and guidance will be given to them so that they can either start their own business or start business of anyone else with the knowledge of what right. Core emphasize will be given to business dealings and business ethics. While training will be given step by step.

Learning Objectives


Course Outline

Course flow

Introduction to Daraz

  • Why Daraz is better than other marketplace in Pakistan
  • Difference between traditional seller on daraz and private label concept
  • Ethical consideration over how to do the business in the right way.

Daraz Product hunting

  • Introduction to Daraz business concept
  • Market analysis
  • Category analysis
  • Brand registration
  • Normal seller account or Daraz Mall

Sourcing and logistics

  • Finding and contacting supplier
  • How to source product to Pakistan
  • Payment gateways to supplier

Brand approval

  • Product hunting
  • Reaching out brands available locally
  • Terms and conditions that we will have contract done at
  • Opening a dmall account
  • Inventory purchasing

Daraz DS Suppliers

  • Reaching out local physical retails shops
  • Broadcast group management
  • Inventory fulfilment
  • Order management

Listing creation

  • Keyword research
  • EBC content
  • Store decoration
  • Importance of photography

Types of account setup

  • Individual seller account
  • Individual business account
  • Corporate business account
  • Daraz mall

Account management

  • Order management
  • Costumer responses
  • Increasing store followers


  • Budget planning
  • Launch flow planning
  • Launch flow execution.
  • Bugs indication during launching
  • Rank management
  • Traffic deviation.

Influencer marketing

  • Hunting Pakistani influencers
  • Reaching influencers
  • Negotiating with influencers
  • Managing campaigns
  • Evaluating results

Facebook ads

  • Setting up campaign
  • Video advertisements
  • Massage campaign
  • Costumer conversions
  • Click funnel
  • Website development

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