FBA Wholesale


3 Months


By Extreme commerce

Mode of Training

On-site / Online

*On-site Locations: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad.

*As per availability.


$40/mon (online)

(PKR 6,800/mon)

$60/mon (onsite)

(PKR 10,200/mon)

Non Incubatee

$70/mon (online)

(PKR 11,900/mon)

$100/mon (onsite)

(PKR 17,000/mon)

Benefits Included

  • A chance to learn from e-commerce experts
  • Offered both online and on-campus
  • Regular Counselling Sessions
  • Get access to the largest community of online sellers
  • Hands-on learning experience on live launches
  • Network with like-minded community
  • Limited participants, more interaction

Program Overview

You will have practical exposure to understand the end-to-end supply chain of amazon FBA wholesale. The aims to give the basic concepts, terminologies, business requirements, and training guidelines of all upcoming modules to gauge the attendee's performance, provide guidelines for developing own business and start earning by offering amazon FBA wholesale services. You will get everything in this course.

Learning Objective:

This program will build your expertise in developing/running your own FBA wholesale business and providing world-class VA services to international clients while mastering your wholesale skills.

  • Develop your own FBA wholesale business
  • How to provide VA services for FBA wholesale
  • What benefits to selling and how to earn freelancing income from FBA WHOLESALE?
  • How to prepare FBA wholesale proposals attendees' skill analysis
  • Training feedback
  • Post-training Q&A to help with practical issues

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FBA Wholesale

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