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Exclusively for the business-minded and individuals with very few working hours and unable to build their online businesses on their own, who prefer to work with recommended product + recommended partner by EC Elite division. This program is exclusively designed for serious members who either have a sound understanding of the Amazon business opportunity or want to develop an understanding purely from an investor perspective and want EC to consult them throughout this process. 


EC Premium and Elite Support

Access to Exclusive Community Membership (EC BC)

1-1' Consultation with Sunny Ali and EC Elite team

Multiple Product Launches and approval by EC

Selection of Team lead and VAs by EC Elite Division

Flexible Slots Available

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Comparison Chart

Features BC Investor Elite Elite + Elite Wholesale Elite Kindle
Access To Premium Community Support (Extreme Commerce by Sunny Ali)
Access to small group of Premium Investors and BC members. 1 Year 2 Years Limitless Limitless Limitless
Access To Product Portal
Niche Launch
EC Equity 20% 40% 30%
Unicorn Salary $250 - $350 $300 - $500 $350 - $500 $300 - $500
Partner Assigned By EC EC Itself EC Itself EC Itself EC Itself
Recommended Partner By EC EC Itself EC Itself EC Itself EC Itself
Recommended Products By EC
PL Launches 1 1 Multiple
Wholesale Launches
Kindle Launches
Recommended Age Group 30years'+ 30years'+ 30years'+ 30years'+ 30years'+
Budget $10,000 - $15,000 + $35,000 $50,000 $30,000 $30,000
Fees $1090 $8500 $8500 $4900 $4900

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have spent some time in the main Facebook group. The team will assess you relying on your understanding of the EC culture and EC organization.

Elite is ideal for wealthy and busy individuals, who are unable to grow their Amazon business on their own due to limited hours and prefer services of Extreme Commerce (EC) to establish Private Label Business over Amazon. 

Fee to join EC Elite+ program is $8500. This is one time cost and has to be paid in advance to join the program. This fee will not be the part of business expenses done to establish the business.

You can claim full refund before 30 days from the date of your enrollment. So, please make sure you've read the entire document before proceeding.

Extreme Commerce (EC) partners with Elite+ members under the following terms:

a. Investment - Elite+ : EC = 100% : 0%

b. Equity - Elite+ : EC = 80% : 20%

c. Loss - Elite+ : EC = 100% : 0%

We can begin with a launch budget of $25,000-$30,000 or more. However, your budget should be flexible to $50,000 or more as we will launch multiple products.

(Note: This investment budget is aside of fee required to join EC Elite+ program).

We will be launching as many products with mutual discussion, depending upon the budget of Elite+ member.

You will be working closely with EC Elite Division Team (if you want to). Else, all EC trainers and Elite Division team would be approachable for 1-1 consultation.


EC itself is a partner in Elite+ program and EC's Elite Division team will take care of your account. 

Yes. They are welcomed to attend all of the sessions.

No. We make no assurances about your chances of succeeding. However, working under the supervision of professionals increases your chances of success. We have seperate team for each department and industry expert like PPC manager, Launch & Rank expert and Team lead who are ready to give their best in order to mitigate risk and make your project successful.

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