I see much debate in the group on introducing the Elite training program for $5000.

Many Ghareeb-o-Lachars are wondering that EC is going towards more Elite and neglecting the Ghareeb-o-Ghurbaas.

An elite student is entitled to get an ID + Product + BC/1-1 Workhorse partner recommended by me. That is why he is willing to pay $5000, and this BC/1-1 Horse himself may be rich or poor and may do 30/70 or 50/50 or 100%. It depends totally on Elite students. My job is only to connect the best BC student to Elite students. It means this is a big responsibility on my shoulder to connect one of my super commando students to an Elite student. And that is the reason I ask for a double price than 1-1. Does that make sense now?

I wish you could understand the science of wealth creation. Don't worry about Sunny bhai, what he earns and how he earns. Learn to have an abundance mindset where we believe in the live and let live concept. Means, Make money, and let others make money too. We believe in making money out of rich people and welfare for poor people.

Poor people are the biggest beneficiary of this ecosystem. When surrounded by so many wealthy and elite members in this ecosystem, don't you think it benefits you? Don't you think you are part of a powerful and rich ecosystem? It's about your thinking, how you think and how you take advantage of a rich and powerful ecosystem full of rich people. That's how you should think and take it.

The more rich people we have on this platform, the more it benefits the underprivileged members. Because these rich people want to pay $5000 and say, please get me ID + Product + Ready Ghora. They don't have time for Product hunting, ID hunting, and Ghora hunting. They are already struggling to find Ghora. Now tell me, who is this Ghora? The Ghora could be a poor boy with no money, and this elite student is willing to invest 50/50 or 100% in him. EC takes the responsibility of creating this elite club and making it successful not only for the elite student but also for the ghareeb ghora. Is it not good? The ghora is so happy that he got 100% investment because he is Sunny, the best student. 

So please come out of Ghurbat mindset and learn how to raise capital. Many students got their business started with 0 capital. Many in the platform earn $800 to $2500 with 0 capital. Be one of them. Do not forget to see these videos




Sunny Ali. 

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