Video Boot Camp

Learn how to overcome the odds and successfully pivot into new business paths with our Video Boot Camp. It includes detailed video sessions straight from the experts on learning wide range of skills to establish successful online business.

Extreme Commerce has always been passionate about helping people achieve their aspirations. Our Video Boot Camp training program is specifically for the under privileged people who cannot afford to enroll themselves in our regular programs and 1:1 coaching.  VBC program is the most economical learning solution. People who need to access VBC fall under the following two categories:

Tier 1 or under privileged people

Extreme Commerce consider the ones who are either jobless or earn less than PKR 60,000 a month and are still passionate, as under privileged or tier 1 learners. It also covers single mothers, divorced or handicapped people. After going through a proper screening process and submitting verification documents, these people are given access to VBC absolutely free of charges. It is pertinent to mention that this privilege is reserved for Pakistani Nationals only.

Tier 2

These are the people who have monthly income more than PKR 60,000. These tier 2 learners have to bear USD180 to gain access to VBC sessions.Such individuals need no verification and can simply proceed to the payment procedure.

Video Boot Camp(VBC) sessions includes wide range of learning Zoom sessions on Amazon services such as FBA,FBM, Product Hunting, Sources and logistics, Listing optimization and ranking. Moreover, instructions to set up an Upwork account and bid for jobs suited to an individual’s skills is also explained thoroughly by the professionals. Anyone who’s interested in establishing business on eBay and Shopify can also befit from these VBC sessions.

Recently, there has been introduction to many preliminary level courses for those who have appetite to thrive in Ecommerce business, which covers almost every prominent E commerce platform available for youngsters to capitalize their skills and to meet their needs by earning decent amount of money. Mr. Sunny Ali has initiated these courses to contribute to his “Billion Dollar Goal”. List of Newly added courses are mentioned below with abridged explanation.

Learn to Earn

Billion Dollar Naya Digital Pakistan

Newly Added Courses


50+ Income Streams

Amazon FBA PL

Our specialized online course makes it easy and convenient for you to learn to sell on Amazon with fulfillment by Amazon. Our seasoned instructors enlighten you with all those strategies that cover from choosing a right product to selling on Amazon.

Amazon FBA Wholesale

This course covers everything that you need to learn to run a successful business of Amazon FBA Wholesale. It is one of the easiest ways of earning money by buying products of well-known brands and reselling them on Amazon.

Virtual Assistant (VA) 

With us, get on a fast track of building your career that is beyond time and place. Virtual Assistant (VA) is a good home based job that is not only profitable but also convenient. This course let you build all those skillsets.

Shopify DS

Learn to provide beautiful ecommerce solutions to the business owners all around the world by setting up their online. Our interactive course let you build all that expertise necessary to grow your business with Shopify by designing your online store.

Selling on Etsy From Pakistan

Etsy is a platform where you can turn being hobbyist to a full time business owner.

How to build Micro Private Label Assets on Amazon Saudi – souq.com

A VBC module, where you will gather strategies to hunt a potential product and initiate Micro PL on Amazon.sa, previously souq.com.

How to build business on Noon.com 

Comprehensive course outlining all the concepts require to launch an online business on Noon.com

How To Develop Micro Private Label Business on Shopee Malaysia Lazada Malaysia

Untapping Malaysian market with these profitable platforms of shopee and Lazada.

Selling on Ebay UK/AU Basic & Advance 

CA complete module wrapping up the major concepts of selling on eBay.

How To Make Successful Business On Udemy.com

Udemy is another online website offering courses to enhance your skill sets. A complete guide under which one will be enabled to start a successful venture on udemy.com

How to build your online book keeping services business with Quick Books and Xero

Every person doing an online business needs to have an expert taking care of their book keeping. Its an emerging skillset having a lot of potential to earn.

Learn Graphics Design Illustrator & Photoshop

As the name suggests, this module will cover the basic to advance level understanding of graphic designing, opening plethora of opportunities to earn.

Youtube / Video Production

No one can deny the power of youtubers nowadays. We felt it another opportunity for our youth to capitalize on.

How to build Micro Private Label business with Daraz.pk in Pakistan

Daraz.pk is another ecommerce platform having a lot of potential. A comprehensive course will be initiated to channelize people towards this opportunity.

How To Do Professional Photography 

In this course, we will provide the ample understanding of taking your photography skills to the professional level.

How to build your Services, Ecommerce and Asset business with WordPress

Learning about initiating services with WordPress, this module will enable a lot of people to hit on the opportunity of becoming financially stable and to kick off their Ecommerce business.

Click Funnel – Build High Converting Micro Sales Funnels

Another interesting course, which aids in giving boost to your online business by creating attractive web pages which will lead to conversion. This course is especially for those who are ecommerce enthusiasts but are not programmers.

Google Ads (AdWords) Course – From Beginner to PRO 

This course is all about learning about Google Ad words.

Digital Marketing Services

Since digital marketing has replaced the orthodox marketing, this is another very important course to be learnt by people having marketing background.

Build Business on Instagram

Instagram marketing is another big tools for advertisers, its among one of the biggest platform to bring leads and have sales conversions.

Google Analytics Training Course for Beginners 

Just like Google adwords, we have incorporated Google Analytics trainings for the beginners aswell.

Selling on Ali Baba

Assesing the huge potential of Alibaba, EC couldn’t resist offering this course to its students.

Influencer Marketing

Learning all about targeting right influencers to market your product.

How to Create an Empire on Airbnb & Booking.com 

We cannot deny the business opportunity lies within these plaotforms and here we are all set to offer our course for you to create your empire on Airbnb and booking.com

Arduino Programming & Interfacing

A technical course for the tech savvy people out there.

Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO & Content Marketing

Learning these golden concepts can lead you to the huge success in Ecommerce business.

Sketchup Architect From 2D to 3D 

Another amazing course to transform your 2D world into 3D and creating digital wonders.

Email Marketing

An essential tool for targeting customers and building strong Customer relationship management.

Data Science

A skill which is on high demand these days, Data scientists are need of the time as huge companies base their strategic decisions by data extracted by these number gurus.

Maya for Beginners: Complete Guide to 3D Animation in Maya

As suggested in title, this module will enable the student to have hands on experience in 3D animations.

AutoCAD Beginners Course

Its an Up and Running Quick course of learning AutoCAD.

Learn Php & Mysql Development

Its all bout learning these web development tools for creating dynamic web pages that can interact with databases.

Learn iOS App Development

You can become a pro IOS App developer by enrolling yourself in this hgh quality course.

Learn Laravel Development

Its all bout learning these web development tools for creating dynamic web pages that can interact with databases.

Learn React JS Development

This wide-range course is all about Building real-time web apps and SPAs using React; UI and component development; hassle-free migration from any other platform to React.

Social Media Marketing

The power of social media cannot be denied, acquiring skills in SMM will open up new avenues for the students.

Adobe Premieire After Effects

A comprehensive course for those having interest in video development.

Amazon AWS Trainings

AWS training will help you to build and validate your cloud skills, so you can get more of the cloud computing.

Print on Demand

Print on demand is a course covering the concepts of printing technology and business process in which book copies are not printed until the company receives an order, allowing prints of single or small quantities.

Amazon Kindle

Generate life time revenues by launching your own bestselling book on Amazon . This online course will help you in learning step by step guidelines for launching a high selling book on Kindle.

Affiliate Marketing

Our online lessons you gain the knowledge of selecting a lucrative product, making profitable campaign; boosting performance by tracking actual keywords that bring sales, identifying sales force to help in recommending your product to others.

Art of Entrepreneurship

Learn the traits of all those successful entrepreneurs who smartly avail mere opportunities and manage to transform their ideas into lifetime prosperous business that generate high revenues.

Assana, Jira, Slack Project Management Apps

Extreme Commerce enable you to Learn to collaborate your direction to a successful project planing and management process through Assana,Jira and Slack. Our online sessions will help you to learn these tools for a smooth project management.

Facebook Ads

This online course will help you target custom audience by giving know how about the tools to create affordable yet catchy Facebook Ads.

Learn Android App Development

Be a smart entrepreneur and indulge in the art of targeting cost effective marketing strategies by learning Android application development.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator:

Learn to create professional web sites and images using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Get into the priceless journey of learning tricks and hacks of producing high quality pictures with our on board graphic designers.

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