Benefits with Extreme Commerce

  • 1 PL/Non-PL Diploma Track (Online/Onsite by Choice) in 1st milestone
  • 6 months free incubation membership in 1st milestone
  • 1 Non-PL Diploma Track (Online/Onsite by Choice) in 2nd milestone
  • 6 months ECBC group membership in 2nd milestone

Bootcamp Freelancing

Chance to Acquire Life-Changing Skills


1 year

Payment Plan

Milestone based

Premium EC Community Access

1 Year


800 USD ( 1 milestone)
500 USD ( 2 milestone )

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Program overview

The Bootcamp FFL (Freelancing) Program is designed for those looking for ways to manage their Kitchen Income. The program helps you acquire skills that sell and promises a chance to manage essential expenses easily.

Through the Bootcamp Freelancing program, you will learn how to earn your first dollar while freelancing for Amazon Private Label. In the final steps, EC experts will guide you on selling the acquired skills and lead on different freelancing skills to find valuable clients.

When to Enroll?

  • Can spare a minimum of 6 to 8 hours a day with extensive research and work.
  • Is enthusiastic about the eCommerce world and exploring opportunities.
  • Must have theoretical knowledge of EC programs and be eager to experience an experiential journey.

How It’s Different?

  • Short training program designed for effective learning.
  • You can develop your skills and sell your services.
  • You can sort out your kitchen income without having an investment.

What are the Outcomes of the Program?

  • Helps you in building a thriving career in the eCommerce world.
  • You will learn competitive market expertise from Amazon experts and other freelancing platforms.
  • Learn how to sell services to manage Kitchen expenses.
  • Chance to interact with Bootcamp's strong community.
  • Access to EC incubator, helping build relationships, partnerships, and like-minded people, and learn directly from industry experts.

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