Benefits Included

  • 1 - PL/Non-PL Diploma Track (Online/ Onsite by choice)
  • 1 – PL/ MPL product approval Only ( No Launch Support Included)
  • Access to small group of Premium Investors and BC members (ECBC) for 1 year
  • Access to Career Counseling (CCC) Groups
  • Video Boot Camp access covering extensive range of E-commerce courses

Bootcamp Freelancing


1 year with life time support

Payment Plan

Time Based

Premium EC Community Access

1 Year


1200 USD

Phase 1 Phase 2
Enrollment After 3 Months
$800 $400

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Program overview

BC FFL is suitable for you, if you are stuck in your kitchen loop and you want to sort out your kitchen income issues. The rigorous program is designed to keep you engaged throughout your freelancing and e-commerce journey. It helps you earn your first income through working as a freelancer for Amazon Private Label and sell your skills within the community or on leading freelancing platforms such as Up work, Fiverr, etc.

Who is it for/ when to enroll for it?

  • If you have gained sound theoretical knowledge from Video Boot Camp or other platforms and ready to step on experiential journey.
  • You are energetic to learn the right skill set to start your freelancing journey.
  • Available with minimum 6 to 8 hours per day as it requires consistent work and strenuous efforts.

What are the outcomes of this program?

  • It helps you in Building thriving career in e-commerce.
  • You learn from the experts of Amazon and freelancing platforms and develop market competitive expertise.
  • Since you join a networking setup in the form of incubator, it helps in relationship building with industry experts and provide exposure to Networking opportunities with like minded people and micro agencies formation.
  • You can sell your services to sort out your kitchen income.
  • You get BC tag of powerful community, which helps in developing partnerships.

How it is different from others?

  • Exclusive short duration training programs.
  • You can develop your skills and sell your services.
  • You can sort out your kitchen income without having investment.

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