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Service Package: The current service package includes the following:

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* The current service package is exclusive of the following costs but not limited to:


Replacement Product Policy:

Product Selling Policy:

Refund Policy:

Note: Refund processing may take up to 60 days

Client Responsibilities:

Following are the responsibilities of the client, but not limited to, during the AAA journey:

Disclaimer: After the product has been assigned to the client, they are responsible for obtaining clearance from the Outsource/AAA team from AAA Stage 2.2 to Stage 3 within 40-60 days. If this timeline is exceeded, the project will be considered completed, and shall be closed. And the client will not be eligible for a replacement or refund. If the product is dropped after this timeline, the client must justify the cause of the delay. If they are unable to do so, they will not be provided with a replacement or refund.