Benefits with Extreme Commerce

  • Training chance through booking sessions.
  • Amazon ID creation services by EC experts.
  • Chance to get 10 Wholesale product approval.
  • Access to ungating categories to discover more.
  • Access to premium ECBC group, looking for skilled partner or investor.
  • Chance to join CCC (Career Counseling) Groups.
  • Video Boot Camp access, covering an extensive range of eCommerce courses.

Bootcamp FBA Wholesale

Building Assets by Becoming A Wholesaler


1 year

Payment Plan

One Time

Premium EC Community Access

1 Year


800 USD

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Program overview

The Bootcamp FBA Wholesale program is a medium-risk and highly rewarding model for business-minded people to build their assets. Our professionals and experts help the students find the top 10 most potential products for wholesaling.

Bootcamp FBA Wholesale program aims to help solopreneurs find a well-established product that has the potential to sell at Amazon. EC and the team assist them in bulk purchasing potential products from manufacturers and owners to resell in the market.

When to Enroll?

  • When you have an investment of $7,000 to $10,000.
  • Can spare a minimum of 6 to 7 hours a day with extensive research and work.
  • Is enthusiastic about building your assets and hardworking.
  • Must have an entrepreneurial mindset and a theoretical knowledge of eCommerce and Amazon.
  • The goal is to become a Wholesale Virtual Assistant (VA) or develop a Wholesale business independently.

How It’s Different?

  • Chance of interaction with industry top experts and professionals.
  • Hunt partnership opportunities with Bootcamp investors with 30% investment.

What are the Outcomes of the Program?

  • Through this program, you will learn to build essential expertise in developing or running an Amazon FBA Wholesale business from scratch.
  • Learn how to provide Virtual Assistance services for Amazon FBA Wholesale.
  • Understand the benefits of selling and earning freelancing income through the program.
  • Learn to prepare Amazon FBA Wholesale proposals professionally.

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