3 Months


By Extreme commerce

Mode of Training



$40/mon (PKR 6,800/mon)

No Incubator

$70/mon (PKR 11,900/mon)

Benefits Included

  • Get to learn for expert trainers
  • Regular Counselling Sessions
  • Get access to the largest community of online sellers
  • Network with like-minded community
  • Limited participants, more interaction

Program Overview

Become an expert in freelancing on different platforms. This program covers every aspect, from getting ready for a fantastic freelance journey to becoming an expert in various platforms like Amazon, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Learning outcome:

  • Why create new email accounts
  • Why and how to do keyword research
  • Correct ways of writing Upwork profiles, things to consider
  • Analyze the Job before bidding, and why is it most IMPORTANT
  • Finding out competition against your skill
  • How to be an effective project manager
  • What questions you can expect in an interview of WS FBA

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