PL Brands is a very safe bet and the journey is 8 months long that might get tiring as well. So we can sell brands to generate quick cash flow for our account.

As you all know about my recent announcement for channeling a New Direction for 2018. And if you can recall my post about feedvisor stating clearly, it states that PL Brand sellers are 30% on Amazon and Brand sellers are 44%.

Of course for Pakistan, I believe PL Brands is a very safe bet, however, PL Brands journey is an 8 months long journey that might get tiring as well. So we can sell brands to generate quick cash flow for our account.

However I have always opposed selling brands due to high risk of suspension due to your inability to follow proper channels and buying inventory from eBay or Sears or Costco which does not work with Amazon anymore.

So this video will give you an initial idea on how we can jump into (MeToo listings – Brands) also. We do it carefully and we don’t go for very high end brands but will target mid-range brands only and will set up wholesale accounts of those brands or distributors in the US.

You can see in video how we identify a good brand list to sell where there are plenty of me too sellers attached without FBA and we find out the trademark owner of this brand and then we set up a wholesale account with that brand.

There are few important points for you to understand:

* Those with US accounts or US mammon or US LLC would apply for a Resale Certificate in the US with their State. A Resale certificate enables you to set up a wholesale account with US distributors or wholesalers for tax free purchase in order for you to be able to resell it.

* Those using overseas accounts can either use any other member’s help in this group to buy their inventory or me and my team in Extreme Commerce will figure out some other solution. I’ll come up with something.

* In the video you see an example of a me too opportunity.

* 20% is usually considered a good profit for me too /brand listings as we are competing for the buy box. And you may drop products from time to time and jump into new products from time to time because of this buy box war which is common.

* What if the buyer alleges this is fake and Amazon asks for evidence? Well, indeed a challenge and for small brands amazon is ok usually. Show them real supply chain evidence, your original invoices and you are all good.

* There is one more best way is selling US brands into FBA UK and selling European Brands into FBA US. This is a very safe bet in the me too business. Because US brands are not so sensitive about sellers selling in Europe and buyers would have lesser complaints of authenticity also. So many of you would opt for this opportunity also.

The final conclusion is to shorten this 8 months’ journey of PL Brands; we tap into Brands market to generate quick cash flow.


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Sunny Ali, CEO Extreme Commerce.