Amazon is the world's largest online retailer, with a massive product turnover that draws customers from all over the globe.

Amazon is the fifth most popular website in the United States. This platform allows nearly anyone to present their goods to millions of potential buyers as a massive virtual shopping mall with thousands of merchants offering items in various categories. Trading on Amazon is especially appealing because of its well-developed infrastructure, which allows the corporation to manage several crucial aspects of trade billing and shipping.

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Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a unique Amazon service that relieves sellers of many time-consuming processes associated with online selling. You can sell the product and earn as an FBA member seller, while Amazon takes care of finding buyers, storing and packaging the products, processing payments, and other interactions.

Thus, practically any seller may start profiting rapidly with minimal investment and a well-thought-out approach. Choosing a product that will sell well is the key to a successful trade.

How to Choose an Amazon Product to Sell

This stage is crucial because it determines the size of your profit. A hot product can bring in much money and sell quickly. The market's level of competitiveness permits a newcomer to breakthrough. You can start making money immediately if you have a "flair" for a popular product or a new trend. Successful Amazon FBA marketing requires the capacity to study the audience, correctly assess demand, and make intelligent decisions.


The most crucial stage at the outset is deciding on the suitable niche and product to sell, as all other company operations are dependent on it. The most significant factor in successful trading is not the store's attractive website or catchy name (though these are important as well), but what is sold there. As a result, the topic of defining a resonant product, that is, one that will reverberate in the buyer's spirit arises.

Everyday life might be one of the tactical techniques to finding "your" product. Consider what irritates you about items that could make your life easier or more comfortable. Communication with other people can also spark an idea.


All that's left is to check the Amazon website to see if this deal is still available.

Here are a few places where you can acquire ideas about what things to sell:

- Reviews of popular online stores;

- Blogs on social networks;

- Product reviews on YouTube;

- Amazon Best Sellers category;

- Google Shopping reports;

- Rating listings on Aliexpress and Alibaba.

An extensive list of large sellers with significant sales or a large number of positive product evaluations are both indicators of a product's competitiveness. The amount of views and comments on a video review of a new product allows you to gauge the audience's reaction to the subject and then choose an inexpensive Chinese analogue for it.

Blogs on social media networks will suggest new trends and fashion trends.

Analytical marketing papers dedicated to the top online selling products are worth reading. You can locate the most in-demand commodity categories by looking at Cloudways or Google Shopping information.

On Amazon FBA, you can utilize dedicated software tools to locate successful goods.

Here are a few of our favourites:

- Helium 10 Chrome Extension - universal software for product search, keywords, Amazon listing optimization, and maintenance.

- Viral Launch is an Amazon product selection tool that includes search, keyword research, market analysis, and competitor analysis features.

- AMZ Scout — Focuses on assisting Amazon sellers in finding a lucrative niche.

- Google Trends - This tool allows you to track the pattern of demand changes. Selling a product on Amazon will be unprofitable if it has been well-known for a long time.