This blog is about Small to Medium Businesses in Pakistan.

How to win Loyalty of your employees? This video is not for multi-Nationals or large organisations as they have better systems in place for employee retention and Loyalty. 
There is a severe lack of understanding of Loyalty in Pakistan. Disgruntled employees, Disgruntled employers and lack of proper education on this subject.
I used to think that I needed a rock-solid Army for my business. Later I realised it was not the army I needed. I need a Commando workforce. And eventually, I realised it's not Commandos I need but the Super Commandos I need to make me rich in business.
One thing I learned in my life. You don't build teams with collection or election. Great units are always made with Selection.
Below are the 5 most important key points to win employee loyalty.
1. Blood Relation - It can give you much more control over Loyalty when you have family members in your business. For any dispute, you go straight to your Bhanja or Bhateeja's Mother or Father.
2. Luxury Salaries - This is a sure way to gain a higher level of Loyalty where you ensure your remuneration structure is better, superior and higher than other organisations.
3. Flexible working hours - This is where you give them flexible working conditions. Such as allowing them to work from home instead of coming to the office. You will find more Loyalty with this approach. Although you will get less real productive working hours in this approach, I always ask everyone to get them to sign 12 hours contract. This way, they ensure their availability is 12 hours, but you must expect actual working hours of 6 hours only.
4. Painting a picture. As a leader, this is your pain job, a viable image showing their growth and future. Employees must trust you as their leader, and you must win this trust by giving them a clear path to establishing their development in your business ecosystem. They will stay longer with you if they know the future is bright for them under your leadership.
5. Chain them up to chain up your best talent. Always invest with them. Let them build a side business. Be a significant investor in their business venture. This way, they are now locked with you forever as long as this business is alive. They will work hard for their own business and your own business. They become your CEO.
Sunny Ali