I understand the resentment and frustration of many members when they hear me saying that nothing will happen if you are 40+.

This issue is with Pakistani average intellect individuals. Pakistani food, oil, sugar and our DNA are not as healthy as Japanese. Our 40+ individuals are similar to 50-60+ western age individuals usually.
Don't bother with skills learning, and don't bother about selling hours. The only thing that works for 40+ is Strategy. Only Strategy will make you money or wealth. They get upset that I am not motivating them but demotivating them. Please understand that I am not a motivational speaker. I am a strategist. I won't go and motivate all the fish in the pond to go and climb the tree. It is useless giving vain hope to someone. We need to understand facts, and we need to be rational about it. No emotions, please.
"Mein aapkay jazbat ki qadar karta houn"
Please see this video begin to end once before any judgement. 40+ needs Strategy. Not every 40+ is 40+. Some 40+ are full of Energy, and they are internally 20+. Well, as long as you have several hours available to sell and utilize, then, by all means, go ahead, learn the skills and make money.
Suppose you are 40+ with less income and fewer hours. Sorry, you are in trouble. Conserve your hours, figure out a way to talk to your employer to have more hours at home and use those hours to build a business on the side or build skills.
If you are 40+ with money, well, go ahead and partner up with a ghora, A workhorse full of bijli and Energy to work 18 hours a day.
Suppose you are 40+ with money + Energy. You are in a much better position now.
You should know whom you are before always pointing to that KFC Baba who became a billionaire at 65. I can't use that Baba's example and motivate everyone that Yes, yes, you can be a billionaire at 65. No. I'm afraid that's not right. That Baba was 1 in Billion. Our group's population is 50k right now. What is your chance of becoming a Billionaire? So please, let's not live in fantasy. Live in the real world with realistic expectations.
Sunny Ali