“A story of struggle and success”

Roots of Sunny Ali

A Malaysia-based Pakistani entrepreneur whose roots are from a small town of Karachi, known as Sultanabad. Sunny Ali is an epitome of hard work and determination. As someone born and raised in an underprivileged family, he was reluctant to change the future of his family by working hard in the present and challenged his destiny to change the fortunes of his loved ones. Since his childhood he dreamed of ‘conquering the world through his intellect and hard-work, through filming videos and writing.

“A story of struggle and success”. Sunny Ali's father was the owner of an institution where he also worked as a teacher of Computer Language, in Sultanabad. After a stressful childhood he also joined his father and started teaching at the same school. He enjoyed his job; making students learn about different techniques and empowering them to operate computers. However, that private school was just meant to be the source of bread and butter for the family. There were no signs of getting more money and improving the lifestyle in Sultanabad.

Sunny Ali graduated in Computer Science (1996-99) from Bahria College, Karachi. But as he describes “I never stopped learning; I have been learning in and out of the campus.” Since his adulthood Sunny Ali has been leading lives; he believes in empowering people to make them independent and rich. One of the salient points is that he was one of the earliest MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert) in his town who even urged his friends to get certified in the same program.

A few years later, Sunny Ali decided to leave Pakistan and explore the world to get a position where he can influence public opinion and urge people to think beyond “kitchen”. He went to Malaysia where he had seen some tough days. “Those were the days which made me more confident, wise and focused,” he says while remembering a painful period of his life. Later he went to Australia where he opened his first business related to Voice Over IP and successfully ran it for years.

Since 2013, Sunny Ali has been an ideal of inspiration to people as he started selling different products on Amazon while influencing people around him to earn money and change the destiny of their loved ones. Sunny Ali has also established his own company Extreme Commerce and offers guidance, consultancy and free advice to young Pakistanis to empower them through technical knowledge.

He welcomes young and talented Pakistanis to become a part of his team and make Pakistan substantial in the age of E-Commerce. Thus he calls it “A Billion Dollar Pakistan Vision”.


What is Extreme Commerce? How and when did its inception take place?

Let us introduce you with innumerable contributions of Mr. Sunny Ali. It needs to be understood at the very outset that the 21st century demands more skills and technical knowledge than ever before to excel in the globalized world. E-commerce is altogether a different phenomenon which demands careful attention and proper understanding if any individual or nation is interested in becoming a part of this global project and the Billion Dollar Vision.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan academic institutions and research centers are yet to explore the potential, dynamics, challenges and future prospects of the digital world where economy has become an activity, independent of time and location.

To fill the wide gap, Mr. Sunny Ali came up with an idea of Extreme Commerce. This company is also called the brainchild of Sunny Ali. He founded this company in Pakistan in March 2017 to train Pakistani youth in the field of E-Commerce business over Amazon. The underlying idea is to acquaint young Pakistanis with Amazon and its functions, and empower them to become a part of it.

Its Vision:

Extreme Commerce is a tangible expression of an abstract idea that Sunny Ali had in his mind long ago. He desires to educate Pakistani youth to become traders and sell products on Amazon, and bring the US Dollar to Pakistan, thus improving the country's economy as well. To sum it up, Sunny Ali is attempting to empower the youth to make Pakistan a significantly known country in the 21st century.

Contributions of EC:

We are proud to say that Extreme Commerce has 300+ students as of now. 100 out of 300 students have launched their products over Amazon already. And 65 students are successfully selling over Amazon and have started earning profits. 100 more students are lined up and are in the bleeding phase, in Sha Allah, soon they will be in profit.

The company is making all possible efforts under the leadership of Sunny Ali to ensure expansion of knowledge and sustainability of profits so that maximum number of people get benefit from it.


Eco-System: A non-technical introduction  

Extreme Commerce chiefly focuses on training young Pakistanis who intend to become a part of E-commerce. Sunny Ali believes in professionalism therefore he has institutionalized all the aspects of training so that any student who wants to become a part of it does not face any technical challenge.

“Think big, Earn more”, a motto served by Sunny Ali who not only stands as the perfect example for the generations existing and to come but he also spends much of his time while interacting with young and innovative Pakistanis who have potential to change the fate of this country. He has created specific platforms as a group over Facebook and WhatsApp where he frequently interacts with students to share knowledge with them. He also inspires them to think bigger and earn more.  The Facebook group has 33,000+ active members as of today (July 2019).

The platform has become a complete Ecosystem, both his students and free members of this group are getting following benefits;

•           Job Opportunities

•           Service provider hub

•           Partnerships deals

•           Grooming business acumen

•           Networking with like-minded people

We are proud to claim that this platform has become the most powerful digital forum in Pakistan which offers not only an opportunity to interact with like-minded people and share ideas, but also a place of talent-hunt and recruitment. Many vibrant students are offered jobs with very good packages. Sunny Ali always tells the members to not to exploit anybody as well as not to be exploited by anyone either. In this regard, certain rules have been developed in the group so that nobody is exploited under his surveillance.

He believes that social media has access to limited people and limited places. Therefore, offices have been opened in different cities of Pakistan and everyone is welcomed to interact with experts and students trained by Sunny Ali himself. The idea is to facilitate as many people as possible so that they become effective members of this society.

It is important to note at this moment that due to a huge number of students applying to be trained under Sunny Ali's  leadership, Extreme Commerce has constricted its criteria to recruit students. Now not everyone is admitted by the company. However, to ensure smoothness, Sunny Ali recommends students to join similar training sessions conducted by other instructors to be trained and empowered.

Training Types

It was worth noting when Extreme Commerce started working initially when they had just introduced two levels of training: Regular Bootcamp and One-on-One. But due to the increase in popularity and limited number of talented, trustworthy and like-minded trainers, they introduced Video Bootcamp.

•           Facebook Group

•           Video Bootcamp

•           Regular Bootcamp

•           One-on-One Training


Facebook Group

The Facebook group “Extreme Commerce by Sunny Ali” is a free resource with lots of information and knowledge about the science behind selling successfully over Amazon. Many free members learned through free resources and have launched their products successfully. Extreme Commerce still recommends and encourages interested students to get as much as knowledge possible from this group and grasp intellect for free.

Video Bootcamp

It contains videos of training sessions that constitute questions and answers. These videos have so much content that any student can learn the science and start providing services or become a successful Amazon Seller himself/herself.

In order to cater to students and people having low income, there is a discounted price service as well but those who are privileged and are earning well are charged with EC’s stated price.

Regular Bootcamp

Those who want extra attention and support can join Regular Bootcamp. Extreme Commerce is making their criteria more difficult, so that only those can enter into business who understand the risk and required level of patience. There are both online and offline sessions.

The product to sell over Amazon is approved in tiers and Sunny Ali himself finally approves a product which seems more viable to sell over Amazon from his personal experience. His personal interest makes his students feel more focused and committed.

Furthermore, we are pleased to acknowledge that due to Sunny Ali's  dedication, hard-work and consistency coupled with his students in his leadership partnership culture is taking place in Pakistan. Sunny Ali becomes a partner with his students which reflects his seriousness not only in teaching but also in practical expression of the techniques he makes them learn to his students.

One on One Training

This is ideally best for Pakistanis living abroad or those who have required an amount of investment to start selling their products over Amazon or those who want more privilege e.g. more interaction with Sunny Ali or the core team of Extreme Commerce.

On top of online and offline sessions, One on One students are allowed to text or call any trainer including Sunny Ali,whenever they face any difficulty. This is what makes them more confident and stable.


“Billion Dollar Vision” by Sunny Ali

Mr. Sunny Ali has a clear and well-defined vision for Pakistan.  He is a goal oriented businessman who wants to empower his team that would ultimately help him achieve his ultimate objective of empowering and strengthening Pakistan. 

In his proposed vision 2020 for Pakistan, he is committed to create 10,000 Amazon FBA Entrepreneurs generating 1 Billion US Dollar of annual revenue adding into Pakistan’s economy. And these 10,000 sellers further create employment opportunities for 50,000 people, thus creating and building an ecosystem of Amazon Entrepreneurs and a skilled workforce making Pakistan a future e-Commerce back office capital of the world. This shall help Pakistan’s ailing economy to revive and get better again while addressing the economic challenges and focusing on infrastructure.