Many people ask me the secret of my success despite my 12 years of struggle with 16 Crore I lost during my battle.

I always say, I also don't know. '' Probably if I try to understand then I start from a say of Moula Ali "Allah say Naseeb ki dua mangou, Mein nay baray baray aqalmandoun kou naseeb waloun kay dar pey dekha hay"
I heard this for the first time in 2015 during my 3rd final bankruptcy. After this moment, I realized life is not about intelligence, leadership, team, hard work or innovative work. Naseeb is a massive factor in someone's life, and I started praying for a "good Naseeb" day and night from God. This is one major thing I did. God gave me wisdom in return at the age of 37. If God wants to provide you with something, God gives you wisdom. If God wants to snatch everything from you, God will take away wisdom from you.
The second thing I did was the "art of giving away". We human beings are greedy and selfish by nature. It's not easy to give away what you have, be it money, knowledge or contacts. The day you master the art of giving away, your naseeb will start changing. I don't know how to explain it scientifically other than Allah's Ecosystem. I think logically speaking, you start giving away, people build trust in you, and they want more from you, and they will start coming closer to you.
The 3rd thing I did, I won't be able to explain it to you, unfortunately. The feminist lobby may come after me.
God bless you.
Sunny Ali