Why do highly Intelligent Entrepreneurs fail more than Average intellect Entrepreneurs? Understanding Fine Lines Vs. Bottom Line

Have you ever noticed highly intellect entrepreneurs fail more miserably than Average intellect entrepreneurs? High intellect individuals struggle to make money vs. average intellect individuals who make money more efficiently. Why is that?
You will need to understand the difference between Fine Lines and the business's Bottom Line. Any business has fine lines, which we call system, processes, work flow, infrastructure, platform, software, tools, POS system whereas Bottom Line means, "Profit." That's it. Period.
A product must be perfect if it is food, product, or innovation. But the system, employees, software or workflow, or processes may not have to be perfect. Imperfect is all we need. Then only can we focus on the Bottom Line?
High intellect individuals focus more on building the workflow of their businesses. They will start making software, tools, analytics for their business. They are a perfectionist. They want a perfect system, a perfect environment to work, a perfect accounting software, a perfect warehouse, a perfect shop, a perfect CCTV system, a perfect POS system, perfect apps, perfect employees. This perfection eventually results in their bankruptcy because they cannot sustain the overheads. They bury and eventually kill themselves in those overheads. At the same time, the average intellectual business owner focuses more on profit—the actual business. Bring the goods, sell, make money, don't bother about the system, workflow, processes, applications, and employees.
So what kind of businessman are you? The one who drives BMW or Merc? With a tremendous-looking warehouse and million-dollar worth inventory? Flying business class? Look like a business person, but the bank is empty in the end? If yes, it means you are too intelligent and too occupied building the system and environment, and your focus is not on making money. Those who make real money don't look like business people. They don't wear fancy; they don't drive fancy either. They are the ones making money because their focus is the bottom Line. Not the fine lines.
These are the lessons of my own life. I was born poor, raised all my life in the slums of Sultanabad, Traveled around the world, made money and lost a million-dollar dollars, and struggled for 12 years trying to come out of a jar. I have seen 3 bankruptcies in my life. I have my theories of life, business, and family. I don't force anyone to follow me. It's your life, your decision.
God bless you,
Sunny Ali