How to make money online through e-commerce? What is the key to run a successful business on e-commerce?


I have sincere advice for the youth of Pakistan. Do these 2 things in your life and you will find yourself successful in making money, doing business, and in your personal life.


1- Always do Naseeb ki dua as per Imam Ali’s saying regardless you think highly or lowly of yourself because Allah asked us to have acha gumaan (husn-e-zan) from Allah too. So regardless you are good or bad, ask for it. It is a free tool for you to use. 

2- Always ask mashwara before you do anything because people who are self-driven based on their assumptions and understandings are the ones who end up with nothing but disaster only. Always take the advice of experienced people or use collective wisdom if you want to succeed faster.


Imam Ali said “ek tajarbakar insaan ka mashwara teen jawanoun kay bazoun say ziada bhari hota hay”

Imam Ali also said “jis nay khud rayee say kaam lya, woh tabah-o-barbaad hua. Jis nay mashwara lya goya woh unki aqloun mein shareek hogya”

So it is too important to take mashwara instead of relying on your judgment. Do not assume yourself capable enough to decide things on your own. We all have limitations in different areas of life so we need to rely on someone’s experience or exposure in case of collective wisdom.

Now let’s assume you are ready to take the advice of someone, you will wonder about traits of such person other than experience.

Imam Ali said “Kabhi kisi kanjoos say mashwara mut lena, kabhi kisi buzdil say mashwara mut lena, kabhi kisi lalchi say mashwara mut lena”. Do you wonder why? Because kanjoos and Buzdil insaan himself can’t have enough exposure or experience in life. Do you know why? Because as per my transaction theory (I explained in these 2 people don’t do a lot of transactions with other humans. They are scared of losing or don’t have the guts to face failure or take the loss. They will do meow meow on facing loss. So we must take mashwara of naddar and ghani people as they likely have more transactions in their lives thus more experience than others.

Please do consider these 2 points in your life. Naseeb ki dua + mashwara or collective wisdom as explained.

Sunny Ali, Founder of Extreme Commerce


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