Focus on this strategy and start flipping PL assets in Pakistan, and the target is 20 accessible lac assets.

In 2017 when I first came to Pakistan with Amazon FBA PL assets, People cursed me, calling me a scammer. Now, it will be so easy for me to preach the concept one more time, and I am sure it will be easy for everyone to digest. Watch my vidoe and learn what is the right way of creating a Micro PL Asset on Daraz.

What people are doing in Pakistan right now is selling products. No one is selling stores. I always say, do not sell Briyani but sell Briyani Restaurants, and this is how you create wealth. Selling briyani won't make you wealthy enough.

A typical Pakistan sells hundreds of products on Daraz, struggling with the pick, pack, ship, returns, and refunds. You are struggling with abusive buyers and facing losses on plenty of returns daily. Doing a big business and the family also says, "Kya business hay." Still, Bechara wonders in his heart, when will I make money because no one is making real money. You end up with no money when dealing with fraudulent orders, handling tons of returns and refunds, or running into constant sourcing problems. Why? Because you have to deal with hundreds of SKUs. How can you even manage such manual business with so many operational overheads?

The right strategy is simple—Rs 100k-200k budget. Sell just one single product only, but this product must be a high volume niche product like "Nail cutter" and target to get at least 100 orders per day and sell it for Rs 100 per unit and sell strictly with Daraz Mall and let Daraz do the fulfilment. You should not do fulfilment; you should not pick, pack, ship, return, or refund. Otherwise, you end up selling your precious working hour, and once you end up selling all hours, you are maxed out. Once you are maxed out, whatever you were earning was your max potential income. So if you work 12 hours a day and manage to earn Rs 70k, how will you make Rs 140k? By selling 24 hours? How are you going to make Rs 300k? By working 48 hours? How? The moment you cross your working capacity of 12-14 hours, you are done. Whatever you are making is your max income already. You can't go beyond this.

So automation is the key to building wealth. You need Fulfil by Daraz only and let Darazmall take care of your business and focus on just one single cheap SKU of Rs 100 doing 100 orders a day. High volume niche is the only way + automation to create wealth. Sell Rs 300k a month with Rs 100k a month profit and flip this asset for Rs 20 lac with the brand name/trademark ownership transferred to the next NTN.

Focus on this strategy and start flipping PL assets in Pakistan, and the target is 20 accessible lac assets.

Sunny Ali


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