Diploma Track

Build a thriving career in ecommerce and learn how to transform and scale up your ecommerce business and churn out maximum capital through our Diploma Track Program. Get to learn from the best trainers in the field of e-commerce who will guarantee success from their top-notch expertise. This is a 3 to 6 months exhaustive certification Program exclusively tailored for Incubates and Boot camp students starting at just $40/month. Diploma Track Program is offered both online and on-campus (subject to availability) in six different verticals.


  • Available both for online and onsite

  • Product launch under EC’s supervision

  • Generate Maximum capital

  • Create lucrative sources of income

  • Limited participants, more interaction

  • More value and vast options to start your own business

  • Expert trainers with first-hand experience and top notch expertise

  • Development of skill specific expertise with a more focused approach

# FBA Private Label

Program Overview:
Get your needs catered as a new seller if you are trying to enter into Amazon and become familiar with Amazon as a Seller/Virtual Assistant and consultant. As the E-Com industry is booming with multiple people opening up new businesses virtually around the globe, we are seeing an increase in the number of sellers shifting to online business instead of current physical business dominancy.

Learning objectives:

  • This course will enable the pass outs to become familiar with Amazon as a Seller/Virtual Assistant and consultants.
  • The trainee will be able to deal with all the administration and customer support related to Amazon and find a product and launch in the Amazon marketplace.
  • This track enables you to learn the latest techniques for Product hunting, validation, launch and rank and get to know the concepts of attaining organic stability.

Skills you'll learn
  • Product Hunting & validation.
  • Price Point Analysis
  • Live Sourcing
  • Live Listing Optimization
  • Live Launch & Rank
  • PPC and organic stability

  • Offered both online and on-campus
  • Get to learn from expert trainers
  • Regular Counselling Sessions
  • Get access to the largest community of online sellers
  • Hands-on learning experience on live launches
  • Network with like-minded community
  • Limited participants, more interaction

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Module 1 ID Creation
  • ID creation basics.
  • Basic tax info.
  • US ID creation.    
  • Post ID creation setup.
  • US ID troubleshooting.
  • EU ID setup
  • EU ID doc requirements.
  • EU ID troubleshooting.  
  • Re-verification issues.
  • ID Reinstatement.

Module 2 Product Hunting

  • "Introduction to product hunting."
  • Understanding markets and their saturation.
  • "Understanding of PH criteria of different markets."
  • Identification of viable products.    
  • Basic understanding of Niches.
  • "Finding GAPs in niches."
  • "Walk Through of different niches "
  • Exploring different niches for Product Hunting  
  • Basic understanding of hunting techniques.
  • Walk through and use of -Ve strong Methods, KEEPA, JS, Merchantwords, Hellium (Exploring Black Box, Cerebro and Magnet) for product hunting.
  • Reverse ASIN Reports.
  • How to identify main KW for any Product.
  • Hunting products through Best Seller Products section.
  • Use of Amazon categories tab for Product hunting.
  • "Use of affiliate websites for Product hunting."
  • Use of AliExpress for effective hunting.
  • Use of Brand Analytics for Product hunting.
  • Use of High-volume products for Product hunting.
  • "Understanding of KW Analysis for a product"Types of KWs
  • Finding the Root KWs
  • Finding the highly relevant KWs
  • Finding the Gap KWs.
  • Finding the generic KWs.
  • Finding the same intent KWs.
  • Shortlisting of KWs for best conversion.
  • Techniques to find less competitive keywords
  • Understanding of PPC Competitiveness
  • "Basic understanding of selecting a competitor"
  • Reviews, Ratings and Stats analysis for selecting the competitor
  • Variations Analysis.
  • Competitor's Analysis
  • Advance KEEPA Analysis
  • Checking status of OOS competitors
  • "Understanding of common No-Go products."
  • H-10 SV trend analysis for identification of Covid hut Products.
  • Analysis of Sales and Revenue for identification of Covid hit products.
  • Analysis of No-Go indicators.
  • "Understanding of Budget File."
  • Calculations of Pre-Launch Budget.
  • Calculations of Profitability Analysis for a competitor
  • Inventory Calculations for budget creations.
  • Risk Analysis for budget creation.

Module 3 Sourcing

  • Introduction of sourcing
  • Product research
  • Review analysis
  • Niche research
  • Different Platforms of sourcing
  • Patent check
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Design and pack size selection
  • Supplier selection
  • Communicating with supplier
  • Negotiations tips
  • Sample ordering  
  • How to find exact Referral fee and FBA fee
  • Sample evaluation
  • Design modification
  • Finding competitor supplier using panjiva in USA  
  • Dummy list creation
  • Buying UPC
  • Certification checks with Amazon
  • Finalizing best supplier
  • Packaging design
  • Contract signing with the supplier and Freight Forwarder
  • How to do proper Inventory planning
  • Order placement tips
  • Paying your supplier
  • Why Trade Assurance is important?
  • Introduction to Inco terms
  • Amazon prep requirements  
  • How to search and apply for Trademark
  • Brand registry
  • How to create a shipping plan  
  • Inventory Inspection
  • How to proceed if supplier is unable to meet quality standards
  • Photography and content writing
  • How to print and apply Box labels
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Actual vs. dimensional weight                  

Module 4 Listing Optimization

  • Introduction to Listing Optimization
  • General do’s & don’ts
  • Convincing PDP
  • Understanding Your Product
  • Review Analysis
  • Niche Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis  
  • Keywords Research Techniques
  • Understanding Keywords Stuffing and Indexation  
  • Listing Copywriting (Sales Copy)
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Persuasive Approach  
  • Backend Optimization
  • Drafting Brief for Product Photography
  • Making Storyboard for PPC and Listing Video
  • Layout for EBC  
  • Making Storefront
  • Uploading Content and Images on Seller Central
  • Uploading EBC

Module 5 Launch and Rank 

  • Introduction to Launch and Rank
  • Core Concepts
  • Discoverability, Click ability, and Convertibility
  • Amazon TOS Compliance  
  • How Amazon Algorithm Works
  • Keywords Relevancy and Indexing
  • Niche Analysis on Amazon
  • Traffic Basics
  • On-Amazon Traffic
  • Off-Amazon Traffic
  • Amazon Rewards
  • Landing Pages
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Launch Strategy
  • Review Strategies
  • Brand Building Strategies
  • Chat Bots
  • Social Media
  • Creating URLs
  • Integration and Testing
  • 3rd Part Software Integrations and Testing
  • Amazon Deals and Promotions
  • Business Offers Setup
  • Initiating Launch
  • Understanding of Peak Traffic Hours
  • Completing Daily Sales Targets  
  • Cases for General and Brand Issues
  • Amazon Reports Handling
  • Post Launch Optimization
  • Horizontal and Vertical Expansion
  • Inventory Management
  • Listing Audit
  • Building Brand Presence
  • Profitability and Long-Term Objectives

Module 6 PPC

  • Introduction to PPC and its objective (Concept and Purpose of PPC, Objective, Mindset over PPC ACOS and Spending)
  • Types of Campaign (Sponsored Product, Brand & Display), their budgets and possible uses
  • Types of Targeting and Match types
  • Bidding Strategies and how it works
  • What is Negative targeting? (Exact/Phrase)  
  • Difference between Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • Types of Placements, their impact on bids and their reflection on Amazon search results
  • Understanding of KPIs (CTR, CPC, ACOS, ROAS, TACOS)
  • Advertising Funnels.
  • Listing Content, use of search terms in title, bullets, and description (Scribble)
  • Identifying your Seed/Root Keywords
  • How to use FRANKENSTEIN (Helium10) to optimize back-end search terms
  • How to setup sponsored products campaigns (Keyword & Product Targeting)
  • How to setup sponsored brand campaigns (Brand, Store & Video Ads)
  • How to setup sponsored display campaigns (Product Page, View-Remarketing & Audiences)
  • How to use Bulk file to setup campaigns (Demo of Manual-Auto-Product-Sponsored Brand)
  • Nomenclature of campaigns, ad groups
  • Portfolios and its uses for multi-products PPC campaigns
  • Research Campaign: Targeting Super relevant long tail keywords through Seed Keywords
  • Research Campaigns: Campaigns with specific placement setting (Previous results – Targeting any specific placement with Negative KW – Auto – Phrase Broad)
  • Use of Negative Phrase/Exact in campaign setup to avoid duplicate targeting (PPT of Negative targeting concept – Do’s & Don’ts – Demo)
  • Bid calculations, Low v/s Suggested v/s high
  • How to estimate PPC launch budget
  • Targeting low ACOS or Sales growth or Brand awareness, which strategy to follow?
  • PPC on new listings vs old listings
  • Initial PPC Launch Plan
  • Ranking Campaigns: With exact match on Top keywords
  • Bidding Strategy (Dynamic or Fixed), when and why?
  • Top of Search or Product placement, what is better to compete against high price sellers
  • When to use Sponsored Brand ads?
  • Defensive targeting v/s Aggressive targeting
  • Strategy to use Video PPC ads
  • Concept of Static PPC video and Do’s & Don’ts of its use.
  • Concept of Setting Up Research and Discovery Campaigns
  • Research Campaign: Broad Title keywords & Broad Single words (Finding Seed Keywords – Frankenstein – Bidding Strategy Low Bid – Broad/Phrase Targeting)
  • Research Campaign: Other Language Keywords
  • Research Campaign: Category targeting with different combinations/filters (Price-Prime/Non-Prime/Ratings/Specific Brand – Broad/Complement Categories)
  • Research Campaigns: Auto campaign with different match types & placements
  • Research Campaigns: Auto campaign with low, moderate & high biddings (Traffic – Budget Consumption – Keywords of different bid ranges)
  • Video Ads Campaign: Exact or Broad, which match type to target (Broader Targeting –How to use placement settings effectively
  • How & when to use Sponsored Display ads to target competitor market share
  • Sponsored Display v/s Product targeting
  • Match Type Migration
  • Keywords Migration  
  • Sponsored Product: Search term reports
  • Sponsored Brand: Search term reports for video ads
  • Sponsored Display: Campaign & Targeting reports
  • Analysis of Sponsored product search term reports
  • Analysis of Sponsored Brand video search term reports
  • How and when to shortlist high performing keywords for exact targeting?
  • Performance Matrix of Keywords
  • Bulk Operation reports
  • Low impressions, clicks, conversion what’s the remedy?
  • How to use PPC search term (ST) reports to optimize backend ST
  • Bidding and Campaign Optimizations
  • How and when to shortlist keywords for negative targeting?
  • Keyword Sensitivity
  • Placement Optimization
  • Methods to troubleshoot high ACOS campaigns
  • Search terms analysis: Consolidated v/s individual campaigns
  • Concept of Day Parting and analysis of buying patterns
  • Use of Order Reports to Setup Day Part Campaigns
  • Exact Campaigns with individual keywords

On-site / Online
*On-site Locations: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad.

6 Months

  Online Onsite
Incubatee $40/month (PKR 6,400/month) $60/month (PKR 9,600/month)
No Incubator $70/month (PKR 11,200/month) $100/month (PKR 16,000/month)

# Digital Marketing

Program Overview:
It is a complete package for you to learn digital marketing and start to make money with it, either by selling your product or by working as a freelancer for other companies or creating your social media marketing agency. This track is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing courses available. We'll cover SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and more!

Learning Objective:
The course will be hugely interactive, with projects, checklists & actionable lectures built into every section. Learn step by step how to do a business online or spread the awareness of your newly launched product from scratch across all the major marketing channels.
Skills you'll learn

  • Top-notch Market Research via digital tools
  • Grow a Business Online from Scratch
  • Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer
  • Get Hired as a Digital Marketing Expert
  • Work from Home as a Freelance Marketer
  • Digital transformation of an existing business that only has physical existence
  • Increase sales channels through organic and paid advertising

  • Get Mentor Support (Face to Face & Online)
  • Develop your website using WordPress and Shopify
  • Grab organic website traffic and grow more leads and sales
  • Get to learn for expert trainers

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Digital Marketing - Basic
  • Intro to Digital Marketing Funnel

  • Market Research Via Digital Tools

  • Creating A Website

  • Email Marketing Basics

  • SEO & Inbound Marketing

  • YouTube Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Community Marketing

  • Community Marketing

  • Quora Marketing

  • Facebook and Google Ads Basics

  • App Marketing

Digital Marketing - Advanced
  • Advanced DM Funnel Tactics

  • Customized Customer Journeys with Click Funnels

  • Advanced Email Marketing Journeys

  • Inbound & Content Marketing for Conversions

  • Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce

  • Advanced Google Ads for Ecommerce (Case Studies)

  • Advanced Facebook Ads for Ecommerce (Case Studies)

  • Data Analytics & Data Driven Approach for Optimization


Basic: 03 Months.
Advanced 03 Months.

Incubatee $40/month (PKR 6,400/month)
No Incubator $70/month (PKR 11,200/month)

# Shopify Dropshipping

Program Overview:
Set up & design your store by understanding and implementing the processes involved in running a business on Shopify. You will learn about essential aspects of running the business from live examples and case studies and adopt a realistic approach towards scaling past seven figures.

Learning Objectives
This program will help students build their own Shopify Dropshipping Store. Equipped with the right marketing strategies and the art of Dropshipping, Students will be able to develop their profitable Dropshipping stores and help clients launch and scale their businesses on Shopify. Furthermore, Virtual Assistants can sell their services online as this course will provide them with multiple subset skills, valued very high on the freelancing market.

  • Setup & design your store with EC's support
  • Get assisted by experts to hunt private suppliers
  • Branded Shopify Dropshipping
  • The Mentor Support (Face to Face & Online)

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Store Creation

Premium Themes and Apps

Payment Gateway & Countries Restrictions

Product Hunting

Finding Private Suppliers

Facebook Advertising

Influencer Marketing Through Instagram

Exploring Different Marketing Platforms

Freelancing Pathway for Shopify Drop shipping

Freelancing Pathway from Facebook Groups

Automations and CRM Software’s

How to - Branded Shopify Drop shipping


3 Months

Incubatee $40/month (PKR 6,400/month)
No Incubator $70/month (PKR 11,200/month)

# Freelancing

Program Overview:
Become an expert in freelancing on different platforms. This program covers every aspect, from getting ready for a fantastic freelance journey to becoming an expert in various platforms like Amazon, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Learning outcome:

  • Why create new email accounts
  • Why and how to do keyword research
  • Correct ways of writing Upwork profiles, things to consider
  • Analyze the Job before bidding, and why is it most IMPORTANT
  • Finding out competition against your skill
  • How to be an effective project manager
  • What questions you can expect in an interview of WS FBA

Skills you'll learn
  • Learn and experience from the best trainers from this incredible freelancing journey
  • Setup your Freelancing profile up and running
  • Understanding seller levels
  • Get your GIG ranked easily
  • Become a pro at Communicating & Negotiating
  • Top customer service hacks

  • Get to learn for expert trainers
  • Regular Counselling Sessions
  • Get access to the largest community of online sellers
  • Network with like-minded community
  • Limited participants, more interaction

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Module 1 – Getting ready for amazing freelancing journey!

  • Hello from the trainer “Shoaib Ur Rehman”!
  • What is Freelancing an Who is it for?
  • Choose your path
  • Navigating the course

Module 2 - Setup your Freelancing profile up and running!

  • Why to create new email accounts
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PPH
  • Guru
  • Freeup
  • Pros and Cons of each platform
  • Managing finances
  • Setup Payoneer
  • Assignments

Module 3 - My amazing Upwork profiling formula!

  • Why and how to do keyword research?
  • Correct ways of writing Upwork profiles, things to consider.
  • The best time to bid
  • My amazing job bidding for maximum conversion
  • Understanding seller levels
  • Setup chrome extension for effective job search
  • Assignments

Module 4 – My Secret Upwork Proposal for YOU!

  • Analyze the Job before bidding, and why is it most IMPORTANT?
  • One proposal for all?
  • Practical proposal, What’s wrong & What’s right
  • Following the YOU attitude.
  • Connection building while writing proposal
  • My Burger Strategy
  • Portfolio & Case studies are mandatory
  • How your proposal ranks higher? It is not about your earning!

Module 5 – Your Interview Precreation

  • Never say “No”?
  • You attitude is not only for proposals
  • Feel and be professional.
  • Interview Vs. Proposal

Module 6 – The Fiverr fever!

  • Fiverr keyword research. Yes, it’s different from Upwork.
  • Creating KWs data bank
  • Understanding Fiverr seller levels
  • Finding out competition against your skill
  • Use of KW while creating GIG
  • My secret URL for Fiverr
  • Package pricing and offers
  • Getting your GIG ranked easily
  • Assignments

Module 7 – Communication & Negotiation

  • Steppingstone in communication and negotiation
  • How to become soft for people and hard for problems
  • The science Goal setting
  • Bonuses and worksheets

Module 8 – Data Management & Reporting!

  • Introduction of MS Excel and Google sheets in freelancing
  • Basic Formulas and there use in Google and Excel.
  • Learn these 2 winning formulae – MUST FOR ALL
  • Presentation is always organized

Module 9 – Data Management & Reporting!

  • Introduction of MS Excel and Google sheets in freelancing
  • Basic Formulas and there use in Google and Excel.
  • Learn these 2 winning formulae – MUST FOR ALL
  • Presentation is always organized
  • Quiz

Module 10 – Don’t be an expert without project management

  • Basics of project management
  • How to use Asana and Trello
  • What is Slack and Hubstaff?
  • How to be an effective project manager
  • Understanding the need of reporting
  • Don’t be a silent warrior, your voice matters.

Module 11 – Understanding of multiple eCommerce platforms and why?

  • Platform’s basics an expert must know about (eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify etc.)
  • Are you really eCommerce expert or just a VA?
  • What a GORA needs and why to offer 360 business model.
  • Why not to start small eBay store yourself in parallel?

Module 12 – Understanding eBay as VA

  • Understanding the limits and accounts basics
  • Amazing product research formula
  • Store Vs. listing
  • Top customer service hacks

Module 13 – FBA Wholesale, VA Prospect

  • The 200 distributor lists
  • Data management and communication is the key
  • Supply chain management
  • Understanding Keepa
  • Understanding Scan unlimited etc.
  • What questions you can expect in an interview of WS FBA

Module 14 – Amazon PL, VA Prospect

  • Remember the reporting is KEY
  • Product research and client needs
  • Sourcing patterns, the effective way
  • Supply chain management
  • Use of H10 and other tools.
  • PPC reporting and management
  • PPC automation tool (Perpetua)


3 Months

Incubatee $40/month (PKR 6,400/month)
No Incubator $70/month (PKR 11,200/month)

# FBA Wholesale

Program Overview:
You will have practical exposure to understand the end-to-end supply chain of amazon FBA wholesale. The aims to give the basic concepts, terminologies, business requirements, and training guidelines of all upcoming modules to gauge the attendee's performance, provide guidelines for developing own business and start earning by offering amazon FBA wholesale services. You will get everything in this course.

Learning Objective:
This program will build your expertise in developing/running your own FBA wholesale business and providing world-class VA services to international clients while mastering your wholesale skills.

  • Develop your own FBA wholesale business
  • How to provide VA services for FBA wholesale
  • What benefits to selling and how to earn freelancing income from FBA WHOLESALE?
  • How to prepare FBA wholesale proposals attendees' skill analysis
  • Training feedback
  • Post-training Q&A to help with practical issues

Skills you'll learn:
  • Product Hunting
  • Brand / Distributor Communication
  • Price List Analysis
  • Prep - Centers & Shipment Rates
  • Live Sourcing
  • Live Inventory Shipment
  • Amazon Seller Central Management
  • Develop Your Own Fba Wholesale Business How To Provide Va Services For Fba Wholesale

  • A chance to learn from e-commerce experts
  • Offered both online and on-campus
  • Regular Counselling Sessions
  • Get access to the largest community of online sellers
  • Hands-on learning experience on live launches
  • Network with like-minded community
  • Limited participants, more interaction

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Module 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction to FBA wholesale business
  • FBA wholesale business setup requirements
  • Terms used in FBA wholesale business
  • Understanding the capital requirement and how to assess personal goals against it
  • What categories are suggested for newbies
  • Difference between gated and ungated categories and high-level explanation of how to get a category ungated
  • FBA vs FBM sellers
  • What is sales tax exemption?
  • How to apply for the resale certificate
  • Understanding VAT and its implication
  • How to obtain sales tax exemption certificate
  • Settings to do in seller central for the sales tax exemption before you start selling
  • When to register for VAT (UK) and how to do it
  • Understanding VAT for EU countries

Module 2 : Product Hunting

  • FBA wholesale product hunting techniques, mandatory tools, and plugins training
  • Products search using reverse sourcing golden products criteria identification
  • Manual product hunting using categories and subcategories method
  • Product search through keepa, helium 10 and JS products
  • Profitable product list finalization
  • Showing live VBC product selection criteria to pass or reject the shortlisted product

Module 3 : Brand / Distributor Communication

  • Techniques to find correct contact details of the brand
  • Finalization of contact list professional email drafting professional and call script
  • Live email communication with brands i.e., Live skype calls with brands
  • Live filling of wholesale application forms, responding to emails and learning the art of brand negotiations
  • How to convince brands to allow selling on Amazon
  • Things to do once wholesale account is approved

Module 4 : Price List Analysis

  • Introduction to scan unlimited and Amz analyzer
  • How to setup them (MWS KEYS) – How to Scan a sheet?
  • How to clean the pricelists received from the brands to use with scanning tools.
  • Live brand price list analysis and relevant filters to apply on scanning tools
  • Profitable products selection from the scanned sheets
  • Further analyzing the profitable products found from the scanned sheets
  • How to find profitable products from the suppliers’ website if product sheet is not available
  • How to confirm the correct product is selected. Use UPC, model number and images matching criteria

Module 5 : Prep - Centers & Shipment Rates

  • What are prep - centers and their services?
  • How to select a prep center? How to communicate with them before sending an inventory?
  • Prep - center services quotation analysis and inventory shipment rates analysis
  • Brand / distributor warehouse to amazon warehouse rates brand / distributor warehouse to prep center, warehouse rates prep center, warehouse to amazon, warehouse rates

Module 6 : Live Sourcing

  • Determining your first order quantity
  • Finalized profitable products margin analysis
  • Understanding MOA, MOQ.
  • Obtaining freight quote for the finalized order – How to get free shipping
  • Introduction to LPO (local purchase order) and how it is used
  • Preparing an LPO with the finalized quantity using supplier’s SKU number
  • How to negotiate for more discounts? (EOL, END STOCKS, Deals)
  • Discussing various payment methods and which one to use to pay to suppliers (Credit card, ACH, Zelle)
  • Record keeping of supplier invoices
  • Understanding the difference between seller rating and product reviews
  • How to improve seller ratings and why it is important in wholesale FBA
  • How to remove negative seller feedback?
  • Importance of performance tab in seller central and how to track performance measures

Module 7 : Live Inventory Shipment

  • Live inventory shipment to prep - center for prep services
  • Demonstrating live on Amazon seller how to MeToo a listing
  • Explaining and showing live what are SKU numbers and how to generate item labels
  • Live demonstration of LTL vs SPD shipment cost benefit analysis
  • Live amazon shipment plan creation and box labels creation
  • Live tracking of shipment of inventory to amazon warehouse and what different stages in a shipment journey mean
  • What to do if shipment is damaged in transit or lost by Amazon

Module 8 : Amazon Seller Central Management

  • Live buy box management buy box winning strategies
  • Live daily sales analysis of profitable products
  • What is Sellerboard and why it is important to track profitability
  • How to setup Sellerboard using 2 months free trial (www.sunnyali.com/sellerboard)
  • Maintaining product costs in Sellerboard
  • Extracting reports and representing data in the meaningful format to clients

Module 9 : Repricing Software

  • What is a repricing software?
  • How to setup Amazon’s repricing rules
  • What 3rd party repricing tools are available in the market?
  • What is Informed.co?
  • Pricing rules to setup in Informed.co
  • Min - max pricing identification

Module 10 : Inventory Management

  • Inventory types 3
  • Inventory management sheet analysis and define reordering time
  • How to avoid out-of-stock conditions
  • How to handle refund and returns
  • How to claim reimbursement from Amazon
  • Disposal rules setup in Amazon seller central
  • Issuing manual refunds for customer satisfaction in FBM
  • Keeping track of IPI score and how to improve it
Module 11 : Learning Outcomes
  • Develop your own FBA wholesale business
  • How to provide VA services for FBA wholesale
  • What services to sell and how to earn freelancing income from FBA WHOLESALE?
  • How to prepare FBA wholesale proposals attendees’ skill analysis
  • Training feedback
Post training Q&A to help with practical issues

On-site / Online
*On-site Locations: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad.
*As per availability.

3 Months

  Online Onsite
Incubatee $40/month (PKR 6,400/month) $60/month (PKR 9,600/month)
No Incubator $70/month (PKR 11,200/month) $100/month (PKR 16,000/month)

# Micro Agency Management

Program Overview: Micro Agency Management diploma track leads participants from basic concepts of financial literacy and wealth creation to personal, professional, business and organization development while training them to develop and operate micro agencies. This diploma track is primarily designed to facilitate participants in adapting the unique characteristics and strategies that may lead them from ordinary e-lancer to successful e-entrepreneur with the ability to scale up their businesses.

Learning Objective:

  • Understanding Business Sense and Financial Literacy
  • Personal Assessment
  • Working on your Personal Development
  • Learn the key to a successful Business Development
  • Build a strategic vision to develop an organization

Skills you'll learn
  • A holistic approach towards your Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Develop entrepreneurial capacities and mindsets
  • Build a strategic vision to develop an organization
  • Foster creativity, innovation and self-employment
  • Build Micro-agencies
  • Startup, Standup & Scale-up with Micro Agency Management

  • Offered both online and on-campus
  • Get to learn for expert trainers
  • Regular Counselling Sessions
  • Get access to the largest community of online sellers
  • Network with like-minded community
  • • Limited participants, more interaction

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Business Sense and Financial Literacy

  • Ghanta Theory; Money Leverage VS Time Leverage
  • Innovation VS Trading
  • ZZZ (Zan Zar Zamen)
  • Naseeb VS Muqqaddar
  • Entrepreneurial Journey (Kitchen Income, Asset Building, Investment, Institution)

Personal Assessment

  • Introvert VS Extrovert; Ambivert VS Omnivert
  • Fine Liner VS Bottom Liner
  • Winner Mindset VS Looser Mindset
  • Chooza VS Jumping Chooza VS Shikra
  • Billi VS Shakir

Personal Development

  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Self Motivation
  • Self Confidence
  • Time management
  • Styles of Thinking
  • Personal Grooming
  • Work-Life Balance (Have a healthy Lifestyle, balanced diet)

Professional Development

  • Leadership
  • Effective Decision Making Skills
  • 21st Century Skills (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration & Communication)
  • IQ, EQ & SQ
  • Presentation Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Tools of 10xing your Productivity
  • Brand Yourself

Business Development

  • Customer Discovery
  • Business Model Validation
  • Go-To Market Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Business Model Design
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Budgeting

Organization Development

  • Strategic Vision
  • Building Micro-agencies
  • Startup, Standup & Scaleup
  • Admin & Finance
  • HRM & Talent Acquisition
  • High Performance Maintenance (Performance Appraisal Methods)
  • Team Building at Workplace (Managing difficult people)
  • Team training and capacity building skills
  • Banking & Legal
  • Business Process Management
  • Managerial Excellence
  • Change Management
  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Social Impact


3 Months

Incubatee $40/month (PKR 6,400/month)
No Incubator $70/month (PKR 11,200/month)