On fiverr 95-96% of service providers are from Pakistan and are listed among the top countries.

When we talk about e-commerce and amazon our goal is to achieve this among other skills as well. You can watch me video on youtube as well on Incubating E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Across Pakistan.

Now Extreme Commerce is all set to pursue the same growth in other essential freelance industries, training thousands of service providers from Pakistan in the skills of the future.

By doing this Pakistan will become the world's first, second, or maybe third-largest freelance country, and to have almost 150-300 powerful skills in the world. And people will find the experts from here.


Now how will this happen? 

This all is achievable with the help of an incubator. Extreme commerce has set up Pakistan's largest incubation network - with world-class infrastructure, serving as a hub of innovation and collaboration for incubatees of all ages.

If we want to dominate the international market, then the first rule for this is to flood the market with top-notch digital skills. For this, you have to engage millions of people to come to learn these skills when millions of people compete with each other, so the quality improves. Over the next ten years, we will see Pakistan becoming one of the top service providers in this niche.

Because of the tough competition, they will work on themselves as the one who will be the fittest will survive.They will thrive as well and will make money out of it and in the international market Pakistanis will have their name trending.


What led Sunny Ali to lead an incubator network?

The purpose of creating an incubator was to bring senior and junior students under one roof together. This will enable them to interact with each other and so that they can learn from the senior students and get guidance from them.

1- You will get numerous networking opportunities there, and the exposure one will get there will lead him to get new clients as well.

2- The second reason for the incubator was that there are a lot of successful people in the incubator. Because of this, people will get motivated and do partnerships with others. One can mix with them and can make agencies as well. In the incubator, everyone has some skills to offer that will make things easier as well.

When two people together do a partnership, one covers the weakness of the other; one plays his role as a nightrider while the other is a day rider. One is an introvert and the other is an extrovert. These combinations of partnership actually compliment each other. And when these kinds of people work together, the potential of their income increases 5 times.

If one freelancer can make 500- 100 USD and if he works under the micro agency format, he can make up to 2000-3000 USD$ for himself.

This will generate economic activity to the tune of 10-12 billion USD per year, which can be achieved in the upcoming 5-10 years.



How to create a culture where you motivate one person to help the other person?

There are 2 ways to cultivate this culture :

1- You can motivate people to help others and become a good person in the eyes of GOD as well and you will be rewarded.

But usually, people don't seem to understand this method so you have to create an environment where they learn this and that is called a WIN-WIN environment.

If a person comes to the incubator and he trains 50 people and you teach them certain skills and you get a reward out of it .And what is the reward ??? that they can create a business out of it.

2- The second way is that you create a certain environment in where people happily participate .and for this Extreme commerce have made arrangements that can accommodate people by running busses from one city to other .people will take benefit from this opportunity and will automatically travel from one city to other with this a huge network will be built, and incubatees will get the opportunity to learn new things and get new training.

Apart from this extreme commerce have their own panel of trainers who conduct regular training so it's a mixed environment and this is how people are motivated to work and learn more.

Being physically present in the incubator helps you get instant answers to your queries. You can learn new things and adapt skills that help you at work as you can directly apply them to your work strategy, as well as it helps you grow.

Once this environment is created, a unique culture is formed. This culture is there in our extreme commerce ecosystem.


The biggest challenge that a small to medium business faces these days is that, 'How to identify that the company they are working with is an expert in that field? How to create a trust level with them? So for this purpose, Extreme Commerce has started a certification course. Because of this initiative, certified resources get the opportunity to secure more businesses.

And to help small to medium enterprises and enable them to grow because they don't need a lot of technical training. All they need is to learn how this ecosystem works and the experts will be certified so they can work together.



Now people will see three major changes in Pakistan's local brand.

1- Owners will start selling on amazon and in other international markets. 

2- The freelancers that we have prepared over the past 3-4 years will get more work even from the local clients as well.

3- The third change will be that there are going to be a lot of investments coming into the country.

Previously they used to have limited accounts when it came to a partnership. But now they can make a lot of accounts. And as an investor people can buy their own equities, and there will be no issues with the account.


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