Learn the art of buying dead listings, reviving them, and flipping them.

I want the whole of Pakistan to learn the art of identifying almost dead listings and flipping them later. Go and join Amazon FBA heroes and plenty of other big FBA groups on Facebook, and you will find plenty of failed listings owners trying to get rid of their dead inventory. You can also go to flippa and find small tiny listings where the owner is just trying to get rid of his inventory due to their failure. They assume their product or list has failed. Although they will come up with excuses such as being busy with university, divorce, lack of interest and passion, or tons of other excuses, you will notice that their review score is 3.6 to 4.2. This is where I see the opportunity.
You need to understand that a review score under 4.3 means 4 stars showing up, and listing performs horribly, and the owners panic and assume their business and life are over. This is where you will negotiate and buy inventory. Don’t talk about listing or reviews. Just focus on your research and then buy the inventory.
You have a proxy army in Pakistan, and you already have the knowledge and hyper-launch skills. Push the list to cross 4.3 stars, increase your price, push the BSR, increase the price again. Build some profit, time to flip.
I want Pakistan to become the biggest player in the world dealing with amazon asset flipping. And this is not rocket science for those with the right skills and knowledge.
Sunny Ali.