Boot Camp is a 12 month journey where every student is trained in the art of launching their own e-commerce business from the ground up.

Extreme Commerce Boot Camp will go extensively into how you can launch your own product. From product hunting to sourcing and listing and ranking.

1. How long is this Boot camp? Boot Camp is not a class room training of a few sessions. It is a continuous journey of 7-12 months. That means, for 7 months we work together all the way from product hunting to launch and rank and selling in FBA. That means, you are mentored closely and the team is holding your hand. There are regular non-stop weekly or bi-weekly sessions. The 1st session is on-site for local students and would be an online zoom room for overseas students.

2. Why Boot camp when we can learn it all free right in this group and from videos? Boot Camp gives you privilege of accessing all the trainers team and gives you privilege of sitting in the zoom room training sessions or on-site training sessions and also get access to all tools and BC students also get their products approved by myself. Product approval alone + all the tools + bi-weekly zoom room sessions alone should worth this investment.

3. What are the tools that BC students usually get? SS + MI + JS + Helium + MW and a few more. However, these are all complementary. If any tool stops working, we try our best to revive it.

4. Do BC students get 1-1 consultation also? Limited 1-1 session with trainers including Zeeshan, Arslan, Anishba, Asim and Murtaza. Mostly you will sit in zoom room sessions or on-site sessions together with other students.

5. How big is the zoom room? Usually zoom room sessions with trainers would have 10-20 students max. However, any zoom room session with me would have 50-70 people in it. My zoom room sessions usually go for 3-4 hours since a lot of people have a lot of questions and I mostly do zoom room sessions related to complex subjects including ID creation, Taxes, legal entities, product procurement, branding, launch pads, ranking and few other topics and everyone’s case is different from others so I have to pay attention to every single person’s case individually to ensure that we get their IDs setup. So my zoom room sessions will run frequently in the first 1-2 months since many students will be going through the ID creation stage.

6. How long would it take for me to hunt a good product approved? At least give yourself 2 months just for product hunting since this is considered a difficult stage for the majority of the students. Those who still cannot hunt for a product within 2 months should consider outsourcing product hunting

7. Do we have hands-on sessions? Yes, we have hands-on sessions in zoom rooms. If required we can always organize on-site sessions also specifically for hands-on training in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. No big issue.

8. Can we get direct access or 1-1 sessions with trainers or with myself? Yes, you can but it is very limited especially with me. Because mostly everyone must ask questions in the zoom room session where we have a group of 5-10 students at least in each zoom room on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Every week may have different topics/subjects going on in the zoom room.

However many times students may need 1:1 Coaching Program quick questions so they can always call Zeeshan, Arslan, Murtaza, Asim to get help on that topic. And they can reach me on messenger & whatsapp. Phone calls with me are always limited for short quick calls only especially when I am the only one more suitable for that topic/subject.

9. Are we going to have class room sessions? Not anymore. It does not work in this business. We tried and we failed already. 4 sessions or 5 sessions or 7 sessions just don’t work at all. No matter what you do, on 3rd sessions, 5 students are still stuck on ID stage, another 5 stuck at product hunting stage, another 5 stuck at product procurement stage, another 5 stuck at branding and listing stage and another 5 stuck at launch stage.

Everyone is on a different stage and life cycle of this journey. So keeping one class for people sitting on different stages is not possible and does not work. So we have a much better and effective strategy now. Weekly or bi-weekly zoom room training on different subjects so people of different stages will join those training or zoom rooms based on their own requirement.

10. What about access to Mr Sunny? BC students do access to myself just like other trainers. Howevers on messaging only (whatsapp or FB messenger) or in case of very important issues where only my input is required, they can have a quick short call. Especially for ID setup + Product launches, I do have many quick 1-1 short calls with students. Otherwise you will always meet me in the zoom room session and ask your questions or issues in the zoom room training sessions. And each time I come to Pakistan, I also do one on-site session in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

11. Is there any guarantee of success? No. There is no guarantee. It just improves your chances of success. 65% of the product launches are successful and 35% launches still fail for BC students. Failure means you incur loss as well and you will have to get rid of your inventory through different methods which I will oversee myself in case of such a situation. Loss could be anywhere from $500 to $2000 or more. There is no fixed calculation. Too many variables and too many scenarios.

12. Is it worth going for BC vs 1:1 Coaching Program? Difference between BC or 1-1 coaching is all about privilege access of my own time. 1-1 coaching would have the highest access of my time. They can always request for a video session with me and ask for my advice and strategy or business development or growth and they can have longer sessions with me 1-1 or with Arslan, Zeeshan or other trainers. Whereas BC students have to follow weekly or bi-weekly training sessions in groups mostly and do short whatsapp or FB messenger messages or short quick phone calls if I am the only one to help on that complex issue or topic.

13. Is there any guarantee to get investment if I join BC? No. There is no guarantee. But your chances of getting 50-50 investment/partnership with any foreign member with ID in hand is 90% if you are a BC student with approved products as the majority of foreign members prefer someone with knowledge and skills and equal investment so BC students are usually ideal candidates for them to become partners.

14. What if I want a 100% investment partner? Your chances of obtaining 100% investment is only possible if I recommend you personally. And I will recommend you personally only if I am personally convinced with your skills and knowledge. Usually only 5% students would ask for it and I am convinced enough to recommend them. It all depends on your knowledge, skills and the amount of electricity in your body.


Sunny Ali, Founder of Extreme Commerce