Over the years e-commerce has exceptionally influenced retail businesses. If you're a traditional seller who's in transaction of switching to online retail, join us at Extreme Commerce.

Let’s start with a basic question, Is E-commerce overtaking traditional retail? Well, it definitely is. The ecommerce sales have spiked over the years which has set a converting market structure out there in the industry where traditional sellers are adapting e-commerce. The online shopping stats are rising rapidly due to the change in buying behavior of the people who are gradually adapting to the new normal and drifting towards online buying and selling.

If you talk about our industry right now, not completely but slowly we are transacting into an online retail business model. If we go at this pace, we’ll convert into a total e-commerce model in no time.






Why are traditional sellers adapting ecommerce? Covid-19 has triggered an exponential growth in e-commerce. In the face of adversity, consumer needs for products and their ability to spend has changed over the time. From hand sanitizers to toilet papers people have been facilitated with at home delivery. People around the world are now working or studying from home, consumers have greater motivation to shop online. We all love to shop in-store, obviously! But due to the paranoia of covid-19 and hygiene along with health considerations, people have integrated online shopping in their new routine.



1- You can sell 24/7, without having to be on full time and can be overseen from anywhere just having devices with access to the internet.

2- You can hire employees from anywhere who can work as virtual assistants for your online business.

3- Building and running an e-commerce website can be fast and easy as compared to building up physical setup.

4- E-Commerce business contains inbound marketing tactics like SEO and content marketing which are affordable.

5- Targeted audience to market can be filtered out easily.

6- Ease in grabbing new customers from different places along with maintaining good relations with existing ones by providing them discount coupons which they can use when they shop again. It expands your brand’s market opportunity.

7- Feedbacks and reviews are shared by customers on the things they buy. Positive reviews result in two extra benefits of e-commerce. Firstly, buyers gain trust in your store based on the number of positive reviews. Secondly, it can help you identify your best-selling items through ratings.

Will Extreme Commerce help me to set foot in ecommerce?

Yes! Choosing Extreme Commerce means to get mentored by the pioneers of EC. We have senior trainers who have tailored courses on ecommerce tools which will help you to grasp a holistic approach towards the digital landscape.

If you are a newbie and you want to know about Extreme Commerce, visit our website and join our Facebook group. This will help you get an idea about what we have to offer.


What is Extreme Commerce? A brief introduction.

Extreme Commerce is Pakistan’s first EdTech start up built on a Billion Dollar Vision. The ultimate vision behind EC is to enable 100,000 people to create $1 billion in the service sector and ecommerce exports for Pakistan by 2025.

With its  focus on breaking the vicious cycle of a day to day living to run the food and water of one’s home, and the employee mindset that is so engrained into our society, it has enabled people to create wealth by leveraging business automation through Amazon FBA and furthermore by gaining digital skills that are on the rise globally.

Extreme Commerce has established itself as the fastest entrepreneurial platform in Pakistan. It has made a big impact on the community where 93% of its members get free access to its training program, helping them earn from up to $500 to $3000 a month either from freelancing services or launching their own business on Amazon and other global e-commerce platforms like Daraz, Shopify, eBay, Alibaba, etc.

Hence why, if you are looking forward to adapt to the online business model, Extreme Commerce is your go-to platform from where you can acquire an extensive range of e-commerce tools and skills to learn and earn and pave your way to online business.

From all the initiatives that we have to offer, VBC is one of the most expanded and extended program which is Pakistan's Largest e-Commerce learning Platform. You can learn these skills from VBC Online Learning. If you're a traditional reseller and want to expand your business then there are lots of courses available for free, you just need to learn and pursue.


For more info, join our group; Sunnyali.com/group