Agency Coaching & Growth Hacking


3 Months


By Extreme commerce

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$70 (Diploma Track Only)

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$40/Month (online) $70/Month (online)
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$120 (online) $210 (online)
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Benefits Included

  • Enhanced Entrepreneurial Acumen
  • Improved risk management and efficiency in agencies
  • Better Decision Making
  • Better Institutionalization
  • Better Business Execution, Resource Optimization, Operations Management and Stakeholders Engagement

Program Overview

‘Agency Coaching & Growth Hacking’ is tailored but specialized course developed to assist potential e-entrepreneurs and agency owners to develop their potential for future growth and productivity. Participants after actively participating in this diploma course will develop strategic leadership skills and will gain confidence to make informed decisions to boost business performance. This diploma course is especially design to facilitate participants in adapting the unique characteristics and strategies that may lead them from ordinary e-lancer to successful e-entrepreneur with ability to scaleup their businesses and agencies. Learning art and science of building agency and coping with the challenges in all standup, startup and scaleup phases is critical to become successful e-icon; because only micro agency owner with growth mindset can make his/her company big corporation.

Learning Objectives

Agency Coaching & Growth Hacking

Course Outline

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