Benefits Included

  • 3 months Incubation Subscription
  • Development of skill specific expertise with a more focused approach
  • Networking opportunities
  • Limited participants, more interaction



3 Months

Payment Plan

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$130 USD/Month $150 USD/Month
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Upfront Fee

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$390 $450
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If you want to develop your expertise in Wholesale, Shopify DS, Freelancing, Digital Marketing, Daraz or FB-Ads along with tremendous networking and client hunting opportunities then this diploma program is suitable for you. Many people end up procrastinating at home and unable to remain motivated. Diploma Track + Incubator program provides an environment created to keep pushing everyone with opportunities for client hunting and mingle up with like-minded partners so you can build your micro agency together.

Tracks offered in NON-PL DIPLOMA + INCUBATOR

Who is it for/ when to enroll for it?

This is 3 months exhaustive training program included with incubation exclusively tailored to individuals, who are interested to build their career in skill other than Amazon Private Label and want to do active learning along with networking opportunities.

Age 18 to 40 ideally

Availability of 6+ hours /day

What Are The Outcomes Of This Program?

Market competitive expertise in Shopify DS, Freelancing, Digital Marketing or Wholesale ,Daraz, Facebook Ads and Micro Agency Coaching And Growth Hacking.

Get access to the largest community of online sellers

Helps in building thriving career in E-Commerce

Exposure to networking opportunities with likeminded people and micro agencies formation

How it is different from others?

Exclusive 3 months training program in various skill sets

Learning in conducive environment along with networking opportunities

No need of investment to sort Kitchen income

Frequently Asked Questions