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Adil Imtiaz


Adil Imtiaz


Raleigh, North Carolina

Student Type:

1-1 Coaching

My Story With EC

I tried to sell on eBay a few years back but couldn't get enough income from it to leave my job behind and support my responsibilities. I was thinking of giving up on this dream of becoming a successful businessman until a friend introduced me to the ‘Amazon FBA Pakistan’ group on Facebook.

At first, I was very apprehensive about it because it’s very difficult to trust & believe anything online; especially in regards to finances. However, I continued to follow the group for over a year before I started on this journey. I always listened to Mr. Sunny Ali’s online sessions, read through his posts, followed along with all the Q&As that were posted. Over the course of this time, I grew to familiarize with Amazon. It can feel quite intimidating in the beginning because Amazon functions unlike any other online retail platform, with extremely in-depth mechanics.

Finally, I built enough confidence to take the plunge and started my account, registered my company, formed a trademark and became a 1-1 student of Mr. Sunny Ali. I’ve launched a few products, and I still have a lot to learn. There were a few hiccups along the way but that was expected in this new learning curve. But I’m happy to have the support of the mentors and Sunny Ali himself, with his immense knowledge of this platform; that I will continue to achieve my goals. Insha Allah.



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