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Danish Jabbar


Danish Jabbar


Sahiwal, Pakistan

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Boot Camp

My Story With EC

I always wanted to go for a business in which we can operate sitting anywhere around the globe. So, I was looking for a direction on how to step into such a business & what to do next. I joined this group almost a year ago and chose Sunny Ali as my mentor for life. Finally, I found my direction for my future. This is the best thing that I have achieved over all other achievements.

There are many things I have to be thankful for. Below are some of my achievements of the year:

Joined BC on April 19 with the borrowed money, started PM at the same time and recovered the fee in my first month. Worked day and night, soon became a top-rated Pm and PMM.

Ranked more than a Dozens of products to top 5 for different sellers, and got choice badges on 5-6 products and Bestseller on some as well. Sellers were happy so was I, a win-win deal for us.

While doing Proxy Marketing I Made 3 partnerships with my BC fellows, launched 1st product on August 17 right after 4 months of joining BC and ranked it in the first month of launch with the choice badge and it is doing great till date and it’s my established money making asset now, Alhamdulillah.

Got a patent problem with the second one and unfortunately, we had to quit on it but worked on another product and it’s ready to launch now in the coming week, inshAllah. Moreover, 3rd and 4th are expected to be launched in January 2020 and February 2020, respectively. (Prayers are requested)

Meanwhile, the EC team found a solution for the premium learners and chose me as a Proxy Marketing Trainer. Its first batch is on the way and I’m hopeful that all my trainees will be making Kitchen money in the next month.

Due to my previous work, which was real estate, I was in debt of around 3 million. Alhamdulillah, I’m completely debt-free now.

So, in a short overview,

1. Have a mentor

2. Found my direction

3. Paid off all the debts

4. Have a money making asset

5. Have a services business

6. Empowered my family and friends. They are earning well, MashAllah.

7. Ready for multiple Launches.

8. Have a brilliant and helping community around me.

It was life-changing for me.

Thanks to Allah Almighty, thanks to EC and thanks to every member of this platform. Alhamdulillah 2019 was life changing for me and it was spent very well. Once again special thanks to Sunny Ali who provides this super solid platform and rather than this he helped me personally at every stage and responded to every query when I’m stuck somewhere. I literally cannot imagine how he managed to listen and respond to everyone around. Blessed to have him as my Mentor.

2020 is going to be golden, InshAllah. For this coming year, my main goals are self-improvement, fitness, traveling, enhancing every aspect of my life and of course some more launches.

So, this was my story for the year. What’s yours?

Best wishes for everyone’s goals. May everyone succeed rapidly. InshAllah.

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