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Bilal Farooq


Bilal Farooq


Karachi, Pakistan

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My Story With EC

It is when I joined VBC and started learning at full pace.

After a few weeks spending on VBC, I enrolled for Boot Camp (which I later converted into 1-1 coaching). This was a whole new learning experience. VBC was full of knowledge and BC was full of practical experience and helpful discussion. And off course 1-1 coaching was the real guidance any seller can wish for.

I decided to invest all my time and money in Amazon FBA PL. So without wasting any time, I outsourced my product to EC and launched my 1st product in Jan 2020. My product launch was very eventful and thrilling. My launch was delayed 2 months because of some problems in Amazon ID creation but after this what I have achieved is not a surprising success for me only but also it is the fastest Bamboo Launch and Rank in EC. I managed to rank by selling on the lowest price in the niche yet I was profitable. All organic after the 4th day and until now I have not dropped out of Top Ten.

Sourcing made it possible to remain profitable and all VVROs launched made it possible to rank quickly and train A9 to keep us on top. Yes it wasn’t easy at all to handle manually in 4 days but no one said it’s going to be easy. All the essence of this business is in taking the challenge and delivering in tough conditions.

My product is on Autopilot, faced some problems during this pandemic but coped with it. Now I’m all ready to launch 2 more products, one is in the sea and the second one will be ready to launch in 2 months. I had planned to launch 5 products in 2020 and was going to achieve this step by step insha’Allah.

This is my short but eventful Amazon Journey. I cannot thank the Almighty for all these achievements in such a short period of time. And I must give all the credits to this wonderful platform and my Mentor, without this amazing blessing of guidance and mentorship this Journey wasn’t possible.”



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