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Fahad Sohail


Fahad Sohail


Islamabad, Pakistan

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Boot Camp

My Story With EC

Just like all of us, I used to explore ways through which I can start a similar business however many questions were in my mind e.g. What to sell? Where to sell? How to sell?

One day I saw a post on Facebook regarding a seminar conducted by Extreme Commerce and the topic was about BUILDING AMAZON BUSINESS FROM PAKISTAN. I got registered for the seminar in Islamabad 2018 and possibly made one of the best decisions as this seminar proved to be the turning point of my life. By the end of the day I had answers to my questions: What to sell? Where to sell? How to sell? Without wasting time, I enrolled in the Boot Camp offered by Extreme Commerce. The boot camp actually helped me to learn the Ecommerce Business skills in depth and fast track my Amazon Business Launch as I had extremely helpful people around me.

I admire the vision of Sir Sunny Ali and the efforts by Team Extreme Commerce as they have come up with such a wonderful and resourceful platform for Pakistan. Between me and success I had two major issues; AMAZON ID & FINANCE! Through the Amazon FBA Pakistan Facebook group, I was able to find a partner who not only came up with the AMAZON ID but also supported me financially. Yes, that is TRUE! I hardly had chipped 30% capital but my partner invested more in the tough times. And yes, that 30% investment I did was not easy to arrange. I had to redeem some National Saving Certificates.

Since the product launch, the journey has been like sea tides, sometimes high and sometimes low. But there have been numerous learning outcomes. Within 4 months of product launch, we were selling around $28k a month with 30% margin. Although we ended up selling the product due to Patent issues, by that time we had made handsome money to launch 2-3 products easily. I would like to Thank Extreme Commerce for making all this possible with their continuous support.

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