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Kaleem HK


Kaleem HK


Xi’an, China

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1-1 Coaching

My Story With EC

Within a few hours after going through a few posts and videos, which was the best decision of my life. I would call myself lucky as it was easier at that time to register but now there are prerequisites to get into BC or 1-1.

Fast forward to mid-2019, I became one of Sir Sunny’s CEOs and started working on the product right under guidance of EC gems and Sir Sunny himself.

Extreme Commerce truly changed my life in terms of “Thinking and Maturity”. I have my own Sourcing Company registered in China, which is now going through an expansion phase. Extreme Commerce isn’t only about Amazon but it teaches you a way to live your life. It teaches “Automation, Asset creation” which I’d never have thought of by myself.

My Amazon business is already almost on automation. There is $10,000+ monthly sales volume. Due to Covid_19, we were still able to generate $7000+ in last month. Current profit margin is around 23% which will likely increase with the time.

Now I am working on automation for my Sourcing Company. I have my kitchen money sorted out already, which I’ll again give credit to Sir Sunny for his teachings.

Mentorship is very important when it comes to betting hard-earned life savings.

EC and Sir Sunny Ali are a blessing for Pakistan, MashAllah.

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