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Hassam Bin Tajamal


Hassam Bin Tajamal


Lahore, Pakistan

Student Type:

Boot Camp

My Story With EC

That guy was none other than the great “Sir Sunny Ali”. 

I started to watch videos on the Extreme Commerce page and equipped myself with some basic knowledge. A month later I came back to Pakistan and got to know about the seminar. There was not a single ounce of doubt in my mind that I had to attend it. That seminar marked the beginning of my journey with Extreme Commerce.

I immediately signed up for Boot Camp and started hunting for products. The EC team was so supportive in each step of the way. When I finally found a product, Sir Sunny himself would ask for updates on WhatsApp, which shows his dedication to the students and the organization itself.

Today I have a good product which Alhamdulillah is in the right direction. Our sales average $10k per month at a profit margin of 17.5% which we will increase to 25% in a couple of weeks. Our target is to get it up to $25k monthly. We are also all set to launch 2 more products in the same niche following sir Sunny’s advice of building a brand. A few things I love about EC is that: They never give false hope, they don’t undermine other trainers out there, and they go out of their way to help.

THANK YOU to Sunny Ali and a very committed EC Team. Insha’Allah with EC’s help Pakistanis will dominate Amazon.

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